We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Macy Holloway and Natalie Ledyard

More than anything, we want to create a safe space for children to come and be able to freely and wholly express themselves through art. We are obviously here to teach early childhood art and all that the subject entails — but almost more importantly than that, we want to encourage and foster each child’s confidence. We try to be extremely intentional about everything we say and do and hope that it translates over to our students. Even something as small as referring to our students as “young artists” and not using any kind of cutesy terms or even using “little artists” to label them. We would never want to unintentionally diminish them or their artwork in any way because we truly believe what they think and choose to say through their art is just as valuable as what any adult artist thinks and creates — our students just happen to be very young. Art is all about trying new things and taking risks and that simply comes more easily or naturally to some than it does to others. Read more>>


Loving fervently, laughing out loud- a lot, and living life on purpose. These are a few of the things that I hope to be known for. I hope to leave a legacy of spreading joy and impacting all the lives around me to do the same. Finding and living a life where JOY is the constant and even though things could be worse, understanding that when you have JOY, you intentionally look for joy factors and finding the “rainbow” in things. Read more>>

Amber Liggon | Podcast Host & Coach

I want to be remembered for leaving every room better than I found it and for inspiring and uplifting the people around me. Our energy and the way we present ourselves to the world sets the tone for our entire life. I want my legacy to remind people that you get what you give. You are in control of your destiny and how you experience life. Read more>>

LeeAnne Rogers | Interior Designer and College Admissions Coach

I think alot about legacy. It’s the fabric woven into my entire business, even the name: Life Design with LeeAnne. I had a great life in February of 2020. I was at the pinnacle of an amazing events career, and I often heard things like, “Wow, you have the coolest job!” But you know what? I wasn’t really very fulfilled. I wasn’t able to put people in my life first. My husband, family, and friends, often got the leftover LeeAnne. So in March of 2020, when I got laid off due to the pandemic, it was honestly a blessing in disguise. I revamped my career, and in turn changed my life to be a place where I get to change the lives of others, and I still get to put my family and friends first. I use my talents to help high achieving high school students pursue their dreams, and I also help busy families who are raising those same children design beautiful and functional spaces that help them feel happy and content so they can keep hustling and raising the next generation of dream chasers. And at the end of my life, I can stand before my maker and say, I used every talent you gave me. I left it all on the table. Read more>>

Patrice Dunn | Counselor, Educator, Speaker, Trainer, Author

My legacy will be that I believed in people, knew that change was possible, valued education and hard work, and that I would show up for people in need. My legacy will be evident in my children and grandchildren, the thousand of clients I have inspired, and my friends that have become family. I will be remembered as national speaker that assisted adolescents and individuals deal with the hand that the life had dealt. I will be known as an expert on African American women and girls attending predominately White enclaves. Read more>>