We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jazmyn Ray-Maynard | Photographer, Model, Dancer & Creative Director

I aspire for my legacy be of creativity, confidence, and culture! I want people to remember me and my work and see how it has impacted the art community by inspiring, connecting, and encouraging those who were around me! I love art, always have and I never want to stop creating. There is something so special about expression and storytelling! Read more>>

Guthrie Kennard | Singer Songwriter

I would like people to remember me as being kind and thoughtful and would always listen to what they have to say and to always put myself in their shoes and never have any envy of anyone’s success but always support of the underdog. Read more>>

Durale Harper | Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

The legacy that I want to leave behind is that I gave 100% in everything that I did and in every aspect of my life. When people talk about me, I want it to be a reflection of how I lived my life. Life is bigger than me and always will be, but I believe that we are here not for ourselves, but to positively Impact the lives of others. I live my life on 8 principles that are very important to my success today. Be Great Daily, What’s The Outcome, Character Counts, Dare To Be Different, Don’t Be Afraid, Accountability Is Key, Assume The Goodness of Intentions, and Always Seek To Impact The Lives Of Others. If people can look at my life and say that I lived my life by those 8 principles and not only lived it, but shared it with others, than I will consider God’s Purpose for my life, fulfilled. Read more>>