We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Katie Wallace | Lifestyle Photographer

Leaving the corporate world to start my own business has, by far, been the single most important thing that I have done as a parent. I broke out of the “Finish high school, go to college, work an internship, get your foot in the door and work your way up the corporate ladder” path. My generation knows the ideal all too well, and it’s what is ingrained in us throughout our years in the school system. Even my parents who were teachers pushed me along to do the same college/internship/corporate ladder to ensure success. They didn’t know anything else, so I thought that was my only option. My grandfather, on the other hand, was an entrepreneur. He was a hard-working farmer. Read more>>

KASVENTURES Sosa Family | We are a family travel agency that focuses on providing new experiences for others and inspire people to travel

As first time parents, I believe that exposing our baby to the activities and experiences that we are accustomed to is extremely important. Just because we had our baby it did not mean that we stopped going out to festivals, traveling, road trips, restaurants, etc. From the moment it was safe to go out, we have constantly exposed our baby to the world. He is 1 year old and has seen more and done more than what the average adult has done in their adult life. From road trips, festivals, vacations and soon 3 international flights, I think that us exposing our baby to the world is the most important thing one can do as a parent. You child will grow up hungry to learn more, experience more, work harder to achieve goals and appreciate life. Our goal is for our child to one day be a grown up and appreciate life the way his parents appreciate life as well. Every adventure is documented in our social media sites under kasventures in case you want to take a look and be inspired to do the same. You don’t have to have children to experience what we do, you can do the same without kids too! Read more>>

Danny Mendez Mendez | Owner

With running a business, I’ve ensured my 6 year old son Ian has been involved from the start. It was important to me that he felt a part of every aspect of our new journey versus feeling he was competing with it for attention or my time. This has allowed me to also teach Ian many of the entrepreneur skill sets skillsets such as risk taking. Making him a part of our business has allowed him to feel part of the team and believe it or not, share ideas on ways to improve and grow the business. At 6 years old, he has already learned to negotiate his salary and many job responsibilities. It’s very fulfilling for my wife and I to see Ian’s great work ethic and his willingness to help with serving our customers to provide them the best experience possible. Read more>>