We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Angela Burdge | President of Adelee’s All Natural

“What appears to us as the impossible may be simply the untried” – Hossein Nasr. I always find inspiration in others and admire individuals who think outside the box, are creative, and are not afraid of failure. But, of course, having a little Pollyanna in me helps as well. Adelee’s Ice Box Dips was inspired to make healthy products. Knowing that we could produce our spicy pinto beans dip better and healthier as a family-owned business offered us an opportunity to inspire ourselves and others. Read more>>

Re-Shawndra Jackson | Photographer

Without order or priority here is a list of things and people that inspire or have inspired me in my life. My son, partner and family: Their love and support has been outstanding. They are funny, kind, tough and caring. The way they push and nurture me is commendable and I know that I am lucky to have them. Love: In all context is an amazing thing. The respect and magic that it provides is never ending and it never fails. Read more>>

The Mind Body Ecology Institute | Non-profit educational organization, focusing on eco-retreats that promote well-being, sustainability and flourishing

We are deeply inspired by the rising wave of efforts to foster a conscious and peaceful cultural awakening, and we are motivated to prioritize Earth care by first caring for ourselves as socially and ecologically interconnected beings. We believe our individual healing is the collective healing, that all healing is Mother Earth healing. This cycle inspires the heart of all of our efforts. Read more>>