One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

John Campbell | Functional Potter and Teacher

My work being actively used in peoples lives and homes. The shear joy and fulfillment that i feel knowing that pieces that i create not only have a visual appeal and place in your home but more importantly that function and serve a purpose while taking that space. That is the kind of thing that i want to create and that is what drives me most.. Looking and seeing all these pots that i made spreading all over the country and people are getting use and pleasure out of them. I create them and my energy goes with them, So they are all a part if me in a small way and i am very proud of what i do on the day to day and you are what inspires me. The people that enjoy what i create. Your happiness is what inspires me to continue. Thank you for appreciating what i do. Read more>>

Khadijah Torbert | Sports Business Communications Management

I’m mainly inspired by my faith. Everything down to motives, intentions, and the way I treat people stems from my upbringing as a follower of Christ. I truly believe that my becoming and evolving is due to the way I was raised and my christian background. Read more>>

Sydney Wells | Content Creator

Speaking to others in a way that is inclusive, welcoming and honorable for and to all people. Not to just a few that may already know you. Inclusivity means being kind to strangers from even across the room. Being apart of any organization that uses THAT type of compassion? THAT, is truly inspiring. Creating a movement in any industry requires relentless courage. The funny thing about courage is that it truly can be contagious. By choosing to step into the unknown while others watch from the sidelines, can create opportunity to give someone else that front seat to their own courage. THAT, is inspiring. Consistency in your loyalty. If 2020 taught me anything (which was A LOT) it was showing me where my relationships all stood. I stopped taking it personally when I didn’t get THE invite and I spent more time DOING the inviting by creating those events, even if it was simply a Zoom. Consistency allows us that safe space to be completely comfortable. Loyalty allows you to already have that foundation of trust because those relationships you’ve shown up for over and over are now reliable places for you to exist in. Read more>>

Chloe Lewis | Lifestyle Blogger

I’m inspired by what makes me happy and what brings me joy. I’m inspired by my work and how far it has came. I’m inspired by the challenges of my business and how it constantly shows me how I can grow. I’m inspired by the genuine support from my followers, that have been the motivation behind my consistency. Read more>>

Denise Smith | Mixed Media Artist

My inspiration comes from various places, but mostly the ocean. The way the water moves, the reflection of the sun on the water, the vast array of colors from one ocean to the next… it’s mesmerizing to me and I’m drawn to it. I try to recreate the fluid movement in my work, the seafoam along the shore and the beauty the ocean holds. I am also inspired by other artists and their incredible works of art. Read more>>

Andres Gutierrez | Photographer

I’m inspired by graphic design illustrations, bold colors, fantasy art, and unique wadrobes. The work of other photographers also pushes me to not only try to improve my own skills, but to think in a more creative way. Read more>>

B4L Lil Don | Artist

The most inspiring thing to me is the simple fact that we control our future. In order to obtain or reach a certain goal you have to invest into yourself. This includes time, money, & sometimes sleep. You have to be willing to sacrifice to execute your dreams & aspirations. Another thing that inspires me is becoming the bread winner for my family. In other words creating generational wealth to where my immediate family is taken care of financially. Read more>>

Jenn D. Ridgeway | Portrait Photographer – Hype Girl

Overlooked/unrealized beauty. Pain. My inspirations are not conventional, which makes them even more inspiring in themselves. I think when we hear the word “inspire” we kind of assume or anticipate that the topic will be pretty, light, and airy. But – that is not always the case. During the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns I spent some time soul searching and honing in on who I am as an artist. My story completely changed! I tapped into a place that I had closed off and since then have realized that my story is what inspires me to create. My inspirations come from places that have been painful for me. The pain of feeling overlooked, unattractive, in the background while all the other girls shined, and like I did not belong in front of the camera are very much places of me that inspire me to be an artist. I create for the people like me. I want to capture my subjects as authentically as possible because I want to showcase who they truly are. Read more>>