We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Jenn Bodnar | Yoga Digest Owner & Studio Manager

Inspiration shows up for me at the most unforeseen times, in the most unexpected situations and with some of the most “regular” everday people. I love when the underdog wins, that’s inspiring. When I hear a story of someone who faced adversity, challenge and setbacks, yet they still chose to somehow win the day, it inspires me. Recently, I have been following an athlete with the Adaptive Training Foundation who lost her leg while assisting a stalled car on the highway. She also happens to be a beauty pageant queen and shares how appearance has been such a big part of her existence for so long. Read more>>

Taylor Mondick | Business Owner, Political Candidate

One of my favorite historical figures is Winston Churchill. In a letter to the leader of the British Army, General Dill, he wrote, “I never worry about action, but only inaction.” I share Churchill’s sentiment and have recognized throughout history what complacency and an apathetic attitude can do to a society. It’s easy to follow suit when those around you seemingly turn a blind eye to injustices, corruption, or needs within their community or sphere of influence. Read more>>

Shirkydra Roberts | Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Coach, and Navy Engineering Officer

I am inspired by my own story from being on the verge of wanting to end my life to realizing that I could be a source of giving life. As an overcomer of child sexual abuse, my brand reflects 100% of who I am. “I AM ME” is where I came of with I.A.M.E. (Impact, Aspire, Motivate Enterprises). I am who I am today based on the challenges and trials of my past. We can transition from pain to purpose if we shift the perspective of our story and use our story to shed light instead of darkness. Read more>>