Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Sarah Norris | Charcutier, Teacher & Writer

I love being creative in the kitchen and making food look and taste its very best. One Thanksgiving back in 2019 I took on making the charcuterie board and ever since then started having fun with it…It became a tradition and one Thanksgiving down in Miami, while enjoying my board, my fiancé and I started talking and realized there was a market to explore and elevate my boards into a business. Read more>>

Ivann Castillo and Juanita Jimenez | Photobooth Owner/Co-Owner & Entrepreneurs

As all other young entrepreneurs I’ve had very supportive parents. Both have been very encouraging about starting a small business early to set me up for success early in life. So after attending a friends party earlier in the year, they had a digital photobooth setup. We all took photos with family and friends and enjoyed sharing our photos almost immediately through our phones. Read more>>

Dr. Olivia Wedel | Specializing in Prenatal, Perinatal, & Maternal Mental Health

I came up with the idea for my business years ago before I went back to school for my PhD, but I knew it would take some time for it to come to fruition. I’ve worked as a counselor and licensed therapist in several different areas, including non-profit and residential treatment, higher education, and a group private practice, Read more>>