While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Tito Rosado | Retail District Manager, Clothing Brand Owner, Gaming Youtube channel Creator

For me it’s based on how many people I have impacted in a positive way, could be that I helped them with something or I just simply gave them entertainment for a couple minutes. as long as I brought any type of joy to their life then I see that as a big success. Read more>>

Christi Gates | Designer of customized hats

The most important factor behind my success is the 100% support of my family and friends throughout each of the beginning steps of the creation of July Hat Company. Sarah, my daughter-in-law, is my photographer, accountant, social media manager, and the creative artist behind the July Hat Company logo. My family and friends have been my best advertisement using social media and word of mouth. We wasted no time making July Hat Co. t-shirts to get my brand out to the community and eventually the DFW area. Within nine months, three people of notoriety were owners of a July Hat Company customized hat. Those people reached thousands of their followers, which in turn boosted my followers tremendously. We hold a high standard with all of our products at July Hat Company. Personally, I feel God has opened up this door for me to create unique and creative custom hats and hatbands. I want to glorify him through my work. Read more>>

Giancarlos Parodi | Business Owner

Go beyond our clients’ expectations with things such as: paying attention to detail, communication, making sure our clients are satisfied with our work, finding the best and most affordable solutions, adapting to our clients’ needs and work schedules, etc. Our clients appreciate that extra mile that we always try and do for them. Read more>>

Touria El Mouddan | Founder of Macarons by Dana’s Goodies

The most important factor behind my success is love, I love baking, especially French macarons, because it is one of the most difficult desserts to master and requires a lot of skill and precision to make, which made me fall for it. Fond of crafting, perfecting it endless flavors. Using the best and finest ingredients and nuts and making sure they are all natural is also a reason for the positive feedback I receive from my customers every day and the smile and excitement I see on their faces another reason why I am innovating more and more every day to make their special days full of sweetness and luxury. Read more>>

Madhura Bhide | Quilter & textile artist

I was the quintessential stay- at -home mom in a busy city of Mumbai. I stumbled upon it when I saw a friend who had come from overseas make something amazing from pieces of fabric. I could just see infinite possibilities open up in front of my eyes , I had found a medium where my indulgence in doodling, eye for beauty , passion for colors ,skill of understanding shapes and patterns and love for fabrics all found expression, I guess this is that Ah-ha movement. Read more>>

Michael Vidal | Wedding Photographer and Videographer

My focus has always been on delivering the best product that I can to my clients while making their purchasing experience as equally enjoyable if not more so than that final product. I have come to see that every interaction that I have with my clients, from the initial pitch to the explanation of my payment schedule to the final delivery of the product–each little step is part of the totality of what they are buying. They aren’t just purchasing wedding imagery, they are inviting me along on their journey and every little element of my contribution to that journey counts. My clients want to feel special, to feel catered to and listened to. I leave them feeling guided and valued, not exploited or taken advantage of. Read more>>

Craig LeBlanc | Professional Trainer & Visionary

The people. The commitment of our group to constantly push each other to be better every day! Our motto is to encourage each other, uplift one another and Elevate TOGETHER! It’s the energy that brings… and our media team, Ryan Hooker and Tobi Pathoummachith, who capture that energy and bring it to life for the people. Read more>>