Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Clint and Ashley Bartley | Entrepreneurs

Where to begin?! When I turned the big 3-0, I was looking for a unique way to celebrate my name day. At the time, my friend group mostly in lived in Uptown and we spent most of our social time at HH, brunch or going out to eat together. However, as many of us know, once you’re out with friends, you rarely want social hour to end. Watching the early NFL game turns into watching the afternoon game at a different bar. Brunch turns into a few more cocktails at the bar across the street. You don’t want the fun times to end. Read more>>

Sedetric Chambliss | Owner

As a native of a small rural town named Hamburg, Mississippi, my family taught me many skills on how to survive and do things for myself. Also, with living so many miles from the city limits, there were no typical teenage jobs available. Therefore, I found pay working with my uncle who was a contractor, working with a family friend on his farm and logging business, and lastly working with my father at his car dealership. So the skills I needed for my business I already had. However, TV mounting wasn’t something I thought about. It really started when I moved to Dallas, Tx and mounted my own TV. Read more>>

Sherry Worthington | Art and Crafts creator

When I was younger I used to keep all the cards that people would gift me in a box. I always loved the personal touch of each card and the time and effort that someone out there put into one particular card. At one point, I thought that I could create cards myself. I enjoy being creative with my cards and putting a personal touch that someone would be appreciative of in hopes that they too will save it or show it off. I want my cards to make people feel special and something that they want displayed for all to see. I leave my cards blank on the inside so that they can be used for whatever occasion and can be personalized with a message from the giver. Read more>>

Debbie Goard | Cake artist

I’ve always known I wanted to be in a creative field. When I was starting out, I took on art commissions , painted murals, etc… Needless to say, this wasn’t as steady an income as I needed so I took a job in a deli/ bakery.It wasn’t long after I started there that they saw my artistic potential and asked me to try my hand at cake decorating. I’d never really done anything like this, unless you count a cake with a Victorian house drawn in icing made for a school project in 5th grade haha! I watched the soon to be retired cake decorator for about a week and I then made and subsequently sold, my very first professional cake. never content to do what was done before, I started experimenting with more complex cake projects. I truly didn’t really know what I was doing but I was learning a lot along the way. Read more>>