Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Beth Ferreira | Producer and Host of Redeemed Podcast

Many years ago I went through a time of personal introspection. During this time I sought to answer a question that had been an important part of my personal and spiritual foundation : “How can God be good if humans suffer?” In searching out my answers, I decided to begin sharing my journey through blogging. I sought out people who had faced unbelievable suffering in their lives; loss of children to cancer, spousal suicide, abuse, and so on. Each person interviewed had one thing in common: they held fast to their belief in the existence of a good God who was intimately involved in the lives of humans. Through this journey I began to see a need for these stories to have a platform, a voice calling out into a world of suffering. Redeemed was born out of this need. This podcast exists to create space for people to share their raw stories of human suffering, and their personal experience with the goodness of an interpersonal God. Read more>>

Emily Burke Jake Sampson | Producers of “Take This To Your Grave” The Podcast

We are best friends who have always shared an obsession with the more peculiar sides of life. The more taboo, bizarre or macabre, the better. After realizing that our interests aren’t always appropriate topics of discussion in mixed company, we wanted to come up with a way for people to share their darkest secrets without outting themselves. That’s how our podcast “Take This To Your Grave” was born! We designed a website that features an anonymous submission box where anyone can write in their deepest desires or their most embarrassing stories, and then we read the submissions on our show. Our mission is to learn about uncommon interests and to destigmatize weirdness all together, because who among us isn’t a weirdo in some way? With our podcast, we have cultivated a judgement-free space where we can laugh about the uncomfortable parts of being human, and shed some light on topics usually kept in the shadows. Read more>>

Jasmine Chapman | Ceo of MyStilInc

(J.Marie for short). I came up with MyStil(style in French)inc when my mother passed away August 23rd 2019. I have had previous companies but something sparked me different this time. I had received a purchase the day my mother had passed away. I knew majority of my customers at the time and everyone had known about my mother. I felt that it was my mother who truly gave me the sign to continue to do MyStilInc. Read more>>