A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Parker Twomey | Musician

Growth… The expansion of my awareness, consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom have always driven me. I’m most inspired when I’m regularly discussing and journaling on concepts and ideas. Perspective, spirituality, fear, and love, for example… Often, I’ll write pages and pages on a random topic, uncovering thoughts and potential lyrics that usually inspire a song or help develop my view on life in general. Exploring the mind is a lot of fun for me, especially from pen to paper. Read more>>

Breanna Bowdy | Natural Hair care Specialist & Silk Press Master

Honestly, it’s the look of relief I see on my client’s faces when they sit in my chair and sense that they are in good hands. As soon as I touch their hair, I feel all tension and worry rapidly fade away. From the wash to the blow-dry, press, and style, all worries and concerns are washed away as they relax and no longer have fear and or uncertainty of the luscious locks that now flowing through my hands with ease. most of my clients have gotten their hair done before but very few have received a luxurious treatment or lavish haircare experience. Read more>>

Deirde Ball | Skincare Guru

I’m inspired by young entrepreneurship seeing small business owners younger than myself on a higher platform pushes me even more to be a better version of myself for my business. Although everyone’s journey is different what inspires me most about young entrepreneurship is seeing that business grow on so many different levels, reading about their hardships when it came to wanting to give up and them reminding themselves what’s most important. Read more>>