There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Tyler Smith | Model & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my brand is God, consistency and meeting new clients, as well as meeting new people in the modeling & entrepreneur business. It’s an ability to be able to connect with the people you meet, on a trusting level for future opportunities. Also, being consistent is very important when building a brand, in order for it to be successful. It’s really ALOT of: work, ups, laughs, tears, moments you want to give up, quit, and it can be tough at times. But; you ALWAYS find a way to stick and move through the challenges and God always shows you why things went the way it did, for the better. Read more>>

Jason Lim | Artistic Director and Conductor of the McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra and the Greater North Texas Youth Orchestra.

Many years ago, I was approached by an agent who wanted to represent me. I asked him why he wanted to and he responded that I had good pictures and on my website looked good. I was taken aback because he wanted to represent me not for my talent as a conductor but for the image. That interaction was eye-opening but it also confirmed all my observations about the industry all along. Read more>>

Danyela M. Alexander | Principal Designer | CEO

One of the most crucial elements contributing to the success of DM Aesthetics Interiors & Decor is its clear vision and strategic approach. By having a well-defined vision and strategy, we’re able to effectively concentrate on the most important goals and objectives and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Read more>>

Antonia Passalacqua | Social Media Creator

Being able to experience it with my Mom! Back in May of 2023, I got laid off from my job at Meta. I knew I wanted to become a creator and that had been on my heart for the longest time. While I want looking for my next role, I had the opportunity of spending more time with my family that summer. In June of 2023, my mom and I started making videos together just for pure fun, and to our surprise they really blew up! We love making videos about fashion, beauty, advice and I think the fact you see such a strong bond between a mother and daughter is the reason why our account has been successful! I am privileged with the family I have and I am proud I get to share them with the world! Read more>>

 Jasmine Garcia-Saunders | Owner of Liv Chic Boutique

I created my brand, Liv Chic, a year after having my first child when I decided it was time to find myself again. Everything was different about me. I struggled most with my self confidence and finding my love for fashion again because it was so difficult to find flattering, age appropriate clothes in “plus size” with my new postpartum body. I’ve always struggled with my self-image and weight growing up, but things really changed after having my son. I wanted to create something that made women of all sizes feel beautiful and included. I believe staying authentic and offering something real and genuine to customers has definitely helped the business flourish over the past couple of years. Instantly, customers connected with me and my story because they could relate. We are one of the only boutiques in our area that carries a full plus size section with affordable pricing. This business model has definitely set us apart from local competitors and I believe customers truly value what we have to offer. Read more>>

Talia Corrine Maddock | Founder and Principal Designer of Talia Corrine Interiors

The single most important factor to my success has been a deeply woven relationship with God. I will start with giving credit where is due first before I take any credit or offer any advice. My journey to success has been messy, bumpy, imperfect and filled with many learning lessons. The constant, has been a deep knowing in my bones of what brings me unharnessed joy and fills me and my spirit with a sense of belonging and this voice that runs through my body when I am creating and designing a space whether that is a home, a restaurant or commercial space, that says, “you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do”, and almost always moves me to joyful tears at the conclusion of a project. Read more>>