We are constantly inspired by the folks we are fortunate enough to connect with.  As we learn their stories we are often struck by how passionate they are and so one of the first questions we ask these days is about what they are most passionate about.  Check out some highlights below.

Simaia Makeup | Social Media Influencer

I am most passionate about helping others feel the best they can about themselves. I love to see the smile on other’s faces when they feel good about who they are, whether it is on the inside or out. Self Confidence is very important and a lot of people suffer to gain it in their lifetime. Gaining self confidence is a journey, even for me, and I would love to help as many people I can along their personal journey. Read more>>

Samantha Wortley | Embroiderer | Mom | Philanthropist

I am most passionate in life about helping those that need help the most in life. Whether it be helping animals, children, or people that are being abused, fighting hunger, helping spread education, or helping raise money for cancer research, I feel our work in this world to make it a better place is never fully done. My mother taught me empathy at an early age, and I have always felt compelled to help others and give if I am able to. Read more>>

Laura Runge | Artist

I am most passionate about inspiring, encouraging and celebrating others. It is my life goal to make a positive difference in the world both personally and professionally. Long before I started my art business, I created my own mission statement: “To passionately inspire, encourage and uplift others through each and every creative endeavor, thereby striving to make the world just a little more extraordinary.” Little did I know when I wrote out that statement that I would take the leap from the corporate world to become a full-time artist. But what I did know then and what still resonates with me today is that I am always searching for ways to combine my creativity with my passion to make a positive difference. Read more>>