Legend holds that Cornelius Vanderbilt had built a massive fortune in the steamboat shipping industry, but then realized the railroads were the way of the future and invested almost his entire net worth into railroads.  The gamble paid off and made Vanderbilt one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs ever.  But risks are inherently…risky.  How do you think about risk and how has it affected your life and career?  Some of our community favorites share their perspective below.

David Ramirez | Creative Director

Risk taking is the ultimate key in changing your life. If theres no risk taking theres no change, I took a risk by leaving my job that I had been employed for 10 years, I had no idea the outcome but all I knew is that I had the support from my wife and knew that everything was going to come to okay. Their approval and support made this decision easier for me. I knew I had to work hard and make this business happen. Its been the best decision I’ve made in my career life. Read more>>

Tania Cintrón-Moscoso | Jewelry Designer and Owner of Paomar Jewelry

I believe that without risks you cannot achieve your dreams and goals in life. There are risks in almost every decision you make. Throughout my life, I have taken several risks with the decisions I have made. One of the most difficult ones was when we decided to move from Puerto Rico to Texas, leaving behind family, friends, my culture and career as an Interior Designer. The decision of moving came as a result from my husband’s job relocation. Once in Texas, I decided to dedicate myself to my young daughters as a stay at home mom. Now that they are older I decided to take another risk starting my own online handmade jewelry business, something that I had always dreamt of. I was concerned about whether the business would succeed or not since I started with a low budget and right in the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Luckily, my business is doing very well and I do not regret the risk I took! Read more>>

Michael DiCroce | Founder/CEO, Wild Warrior Nutrition

Risk management is key for any entrepreneur to be successful. Fear of loss is often the most crippling thing that keeps most good ideas from ever coming to market. I was involved in 3 other fitness start ups that all failed before we created Wild Warrior Nutrition. Each one of those had unique risks that we overlooked, and that destroyed us early in the process. After all those failures I learned that managing risk requires careful planning and understanding the different variables that will either contribute to us being successful or cause us to lose money. This includes taking the time to understand our customers, their needs, and the things they are asking for. Read more>>

Tracy Allen | Owner of Houston’s Pet Care Service, Playtime Pawz

When I think of risk, I go into with the mindset of taking a leap of faith. I haven’t been able to depend on many things or many people, but I’ve always been able to depend and know that I am carried by God in all that I do. So I take leaps and I walk by faith. Honestly, what would life be without risk and without taking leaps of faith? The homes we live in, car we drive, stores we shop at, and food we eat are all apart of our lives because every single day, someone wakes up and takes a risk. I believe that taking risk is an ingredient in the recipe for success. Anyone that personally knows me, knows that I’m not shy of risk and I often take on quite a bit because I believe in myself. Im very grateful for the attitude that I have pertaining to risk because I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t ‘just do it.’ Read more>>

PaTrice Michelle | The Hair Charmer, Textured Hair Specialist

I remember as a small child dreaming about being a hairstylist. One of my favorite places to hang out was the salon. As a child, innocent to the “facts of life” dreaming is essential and when you don’t cultivate your dreams, they have the potential of dying. Risks, in my mind and by definition, is the possibility of “a situation involving exposure to danger”. Starting your own business or being in a service industry, especially in today’s times are very risky! I did not start my adult life risking it all and going after my dreams. I followed the path taught to me by my parents. Finish High school, go to college, get a degree, find a great paying job with a good company, and save. Read more>>

Deidre Williams | Edible Artist and Owner of Sweet De’Lites

I think about risk as: Stepping into the unknown and out of your comfort zone. Having the courage to go after what’s been placed inside of you. Visions, dreams, the desires of your heart without being afraid of failure. As an Army Veteran my military experience has taught me a lot about life. It’s taught me about teamwork and building relationships. That’s so important for a successful business. You can’t get there by yourself. The military has shaped me and pushed me into situations that I couldn’t imagine. But I’ve developed confidence and to not give up when the going got rough. Read more>>

Porcha Ingram | Entrepreneur

I think risk taking could be a positive thing. You actual learn new things, and explore unfamiliar situations that you’ve never been through before. Taking risk has played a huge role in my life because every business I have started was a risk take. Especially opening a Spa during the pandemic. Taken risk has made me more and more successful. No everything is not always glitter and gold but it’s always a beautiful outcome for both life and career. Read more>>

LaToya Clemons | The Business Builder and Credit Consultant

I believe risk plays an important role in us living in our full purpose both personal and business. Without taking risks one would live, what I would say, a boring unmeaningful life. Whether you are thinking about a new career, a new car, starting a family, or even starting a business. All of those choices require risks taking and stepping out of your comfort zone. Read more>>

Marissa LeJune | Pet Care Specialist

To me risk is about believing in yourself. It’s about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. My journey with Tail Swaggers has not been easy. I have had to learn from my mistakes, learn to not listen to negative opinions, and learn to think outside the box when it came to growing the business and finding my niche in the pet care industry. Taking the risk of building Tail Swaggers luxury pet care has brought so much joy to my life. Every owner and dog I meet and have met along the way has been worth all the no’s and closed doors. It has taught me that in life the number one thing to bet on is yourself. Read more>>