We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

Gloria Song | Entrepreneur & Dreamer

Success to me is when I have fully let go of society’s “should’s” and instead created a life that feels genuine to me. To stop feeling like I should be working harder or that I should be growing the company. Instead, evaluating how I am living my daily life and if it is what feels right in my body. Read more>>

John Keathley | Professional Musician

That’s interesting, because my personal definition has changed. When I was younger I believed success was being rich or wealthy. For the music industry I thought that meant like top 1%, huge stars, rich and famous, signed to major label, world tours, etc. After making a living in Nashville almost 10 years, my definition of success is definitely not that. Which is good! I have a more grounded definition now. I think success should be personally different for everyone. It’s more about are you happy doing what you’re doing? Are you making a comfortable living doing it? Are you growing and improving? If yes, then you are succeeding, Success! Read more>>

Samuel Jackson | Photographer

I believe it’s an internal process you develop over time. As you grow as a person, you make the necessary pivots to better fulfill your own needs. And if you’re anything like me, you have to bump your head against a wall a couple of times to understand when something isn’t working in a way that’ll serve you. My most recent experience was with my portraiture. I pursued it in a way to build my status and involvement within the “photo” community, but I rarely enjoyed the process for a moment lasting long enough to sustain my attachment. This led me to my new approach of prioritizing moments and interactions over the photo itself. Read more>>

Joshua Sager | Program Director

Adaptive Training Foundation’s (ATF) is a DFW-based non-profit gym whose mission is to empower the human athlete, restore hope through movement, and redefine the limits of individuals with disabilities. Read more>>

Diana Jaime | Owner Real Estate/Construction Company.. Fitness/yoga instructor.

I’m an immigrant who didn’t speak English when I get to USA. I didn’t know anyone but my sister who lived here working in a warehouse 50-60hrs per week.
It’s possible to dream big than just work in factories, maids, low pay jobs. (Very respectable) please don’t get me wrong.
I did myself those kind oh jobs as well. Read more>>

Shanadrian Willis | CEO/Coordinator

Having a repetitive habit in keeping the same formula helps our success. Read more>>

Miss Nyy | Owner of Berry Good Eatz

Having Faith in God- not rushing the process and being honest. You are the brand and you sell a product you have to have integrity for people to buy your product. Overall life session for myself is to keep God first and trust him to be okay with the decisions I have made in my life, Read more>> 

Geolaina Jo” Copeland | Ministry Leader

At the core of the JoCopeland Brand lies a multitude of pillars, yet none stand as prominently as the ministry embodied in my debut Christian book, “Broken Legacies.” For me, the pivotal factor is knowing that God has called me to this role. My faith is the bedrock upon which I stand. Without it, I am nothing. My deepest passion lies in witnessing individuals heal and evolve into their best selves. I know that with God, all things are possible. Mark 9:23 Read more>>

Chisa Miller | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Educator

Purpose. I remember being in my early 20’s and being asked, “what’s your purpose in life?” In my head, my response was… “My what?!?! I have no clue!” And the fact that I didn’t have a solid answer made me feel insignificant. It made me feel Ike I was supposed to have an answer. At the time, I was living life! I was having fun and exploring multiple opportunities and experiences. Had NEVER considered my life’s purpose. There was still so much that I had never been exposed to. How could I possibly know? I JUST left my parents house. I JUST graduated. The advice I will give my son (almost 25 years later) would be, “Stop trying to find your purpose. Just keep following your curiosity, and your purpose will find you.” Read more>>

Kim Lehere | Rescue Volunteer & Dog Lover

In the state of Texas, dogs are considered property. As a result, most dog rescues cannot legally take in a stray animal and private citizens cannot legally rehome a stray animal. Ownership must be legally transferred in order to avoid being accused of theft. Owners can surrender a dog to a rescue, a shelter, or another individual. Animal shelters are obligated to have a stray hold period for stray animals to give their owners a chance to find and reclaim them. If no one comes for the dog, ownership transfers (in most cases) to the municipal shelter, who can then legally transfer ownership to a rescue or an adopter. Read more>>

Jasmine Ruff | Event Planner & Travel Concierge

Trying to balance life and work has been a task for me. Previously I worked full-time while running my businesses and caring for my children. I had a supportive family that allowed me to be flexible up until my mom passed at the end of 2021 and my sister began having seizures. Now I have a new baby and have relocated to Dallas. I do not know many people here and I am basically starting form scratch with my business while managing my business in Cincinnati. I have began to find my rhythm so far although things aren’t as easy as they were I am able to manage. The biggest lesson I have learned as far as blanking life Is to prioritize the important things and tackle the difficult tasks first so they aren’t weighing over my head. It makes my life a lot easier. I have been making connections with The DFW Black Moms Walking Group and The Dallas Social Butterflies group which has been helpful for an introverted newbie like me. Read more>>