We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

SV Randall | Artist

I’ve always loved making things and exploring different ideas. The notion of how expansive a creative career can be, really clicked for me during a studio visit with the artist Mark Dion during graduate school. Amidst a moment of creative block, he advised me to view daily activities as a continuation of my art. He elaborated on the idea that artists have the liberty to assume roles from different domains and engage in research across varied disciplines. This could involve taking on the guise of a pseudo-geologist, or a quasi-archivist, or a speculative urban planner, among infinite other possibilities. This brief interaction nudged me to reframe my perspective of the arts and solidified my choice in pursuing a creative career. Read more>>

Andrea Williams | CEO & Consultant

Balancing work, family, and personal commitments can indeed be a juggling act, especially with a growing family and active children. My balance has evolved as I’ve learned to prioritize and delegate effectively. Initially, I was more focused on work or personal pursuits, but as life circumstances change, so have my priorities. Read more>>

Beth Watson | Hair Extension Specialist

This is such a deep question! One of the most important things I’ve done as a parent is to do my best to become who I would want my children to become. I live with integrity and never ask them to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do. In regards to my business and parenting, I chose a field where I could make a difference in the community and impact women while also being a present mother for my children. When I became a hairstylist, I was a single mom to my three kids. I needed a career where I could feel fulfilled but also feel like I wasn’t missing out on my children’s lives. I believe it is so important for parents to be available for their children not only physically but also mentally. As my business grew and I became more specialized in extensions, I was able to shorten the amount of days I worked while also being more selective on the clients I work with- this helped me be more emotionally available for my kids! To sum it up – becoming someone I am proud of, living with integrity/honoring the Lord, and being a present mom for my kids has made a huge impact on my children! Read more>>

Mariquita Solis | Harmonic Earth Healer

My happiness is dependent on whether or not I am living in alignment with my virtues and my core beliefs. Giving thanks for the gift of life every morning is the way I start my day. From there, I look to Mother Nature and thank the trees waving at me in the wind, the flowers standing in their gracefulness, the air filling my body with life. I know I am one with the Universe and I am blessed. This sends happiness to every cell in my body. My connection to the Earth is relevant to my happiness. If I am overwhelmed and don’t make time for Mother Nature, I pay the price. Stress, frustration and a sense of aloneness set in. It is a sign that I have stepped away from what is most important in my life, being a steward of Mother Earth. Read more>>

Rico & Jaylen Trevino & Belvin | Professional Roller Skater / Skate Sponsors

My brother jaylen and i start SWA because we want to have a team that felt more like a family then a skating team. Being a professional roller skater we did alot of traveling and seen how other sponsored teams ran their team and we just didnt think it was a good fit for us. So decided that it was time that we start our own sponsored skating team. So almost 9 years ago we started SWA in 2016 with only 7 people. Those 7 people where my brother jaylen belvin, myself, Damien Harrison, Justin southerland, Jacob conley, matthew david, and westley milligan. Has time went on the time, the team got bigger and more people started to join. My bestfriends Madison Farmer and mikel Valdez later join the team. Followed by Ali Marrero, Morgan Bush, Luis Espino, John Hipps, Ashton Stokes, Alyssa Branson, Philip Muscato, Bryan Carter and Wiz . What started small started to grow and grow because of these people who had become family and now at almost 9 years later we have a total of 60 members all over the world that has become apart of The SWA Family. My brother and i are so greatful to have everyone we have on SWA because without them their is nothing. Read more>>

Sara Doutt | CEO & Founder of Myngly

Sara Doutt, Founder and CEO of Myngly, is an accomplished MBA graduate and Wall Street Banker. Recognized as one of Business Insider’s Top Private Bankers Under 40, Sara’s illustrious career has been shaped by her experiences on Wall Street, where the seeds of Myngly were sown. Inspired by the transformative impact of her mentors and networking, Sara’s journey took a significant turn during the pandemic. It was during her time on Wall Street that Sara conceptualized the idea for Myngly. She observed that traditional social connection apps were predominantly virtual yet the stats show that deals are made in person. In response to this realization, she aspired to create a platform that would encourage people to re-engage with the real world. Sara envisioned a solution that not only instilled confidence but also propelled individuals to support one another in order to achieve new heights in their personal and professional lives. Read more>>

Victory Needum | Entrepreneur & Cosmetologist

The advice to “Just Start!” Everyone tells you to START, “Don’t procrastinate”, “If you don’t start now you’ll be waiting forever” Although I agree to an extent, I would recommend making a plan and then starting. Of course you can always change your plan or add to it but you want to have some type of foundation to stand on. Read more>>

Rachel File | Documentary Wedding + Elopement Photographer

All things have a season. Life, work, relationships. You’re not successful only in the good seasons, when it feels like everything is going right. Success has little to do with how you feel things are going, but rather what you do in spite of those feelings. When it feels like it’s all crashing down, do you throw in the towel or keep trudging through? Because the “crashing down” seasons are temporary. When you feel like you’re doing everything wrong, when you’ve made mistake after mistake, when you think you don’t feel the passion you once had, it’s not forever. You’ve got to keep going to reap the rewards of all your hard work. Read more>>

Ryan Labbe | CEO of 81/82 Group

I think in business and in life, we learn lessons every day so I don’t want to shortchange any of those lessons. But, as I read this question, the first thing that came to mind was “don’t ever get complacent or outworked.” There are a lot of very smart, but complacent, people in the world that are being outworked by people with drive and consistency, yet with a fraction of the intelligence of their counterparts. I’ve encountered both, and even missed opportunities myself, because I fell into the former instead of focusing on the latter. Read more>>

Job Saunders | Musician, Engineer, Digital Media

I natively lived in Aurora, Colorado for a good chunk of my life, which is also where I started my music journey. I first became self-taught on the violin. When my parents noticed this, they took me to an orchestra class in elementary school to hone in my skills on the violin. As I grew older, I got more involved with music from playing in several orchestras, to singing in choir, to playing in worship bands. Then my worship band challenged me to play more stringed instruments. I started picking up one after the next. I started to learn how to play bass, guitar, piano, drums. Now I can play almost anything from string to percussive. Read more>>

Alec Miramontes | Videographer and Editor

I would not be where I am today without understanding the value of perseverance. Early on I saw that working through various oppositions in life could lead you places. My parents didn’t have a lot when I was growing up, yet I would see them work tirelessly to provide for my siblings. That has always stuck with me. Learning perseverance allowed me to achieve my dream of making it into the film and video industry. When covid hit, I lost my networking job and was at a crossroads. Do I take the easy route and try to find another career in IT, or do I use this opportunity to try and achieve my goal of landing a stable career in the filmmaking business? I decided it was now or never, so I set out on my journey of doing freelance video work. With the equipment I had I took any gig I could find to pay the bills and expand my portfolio. However, trying to make ends meet while never allowing doubt to win made it easily the roughest year and a half I’ve lived through. The value of perseverance that I learned at a young age allowed me to endure the struggles that came my way, and gave me the opportunity to work as a videographer and editor on a marketing team. Since then my tenacity has allowed me to make music videos and also earn a cinematography award for a short film. I feel my career finally starting to soar. Read more>>

Naviyd | Model and Content Creator

Consistency is a key factor in building a successful career as a model or content creator. You should aim to post content on a regular basis, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps you stay relevant and engaged with your audience. Read more>>

Anitra Bass | CEO of Frisco Photo Booths

Being the owner of a Photo Booth business, I find inspiration from various aspects of my work. What stands out to me the most is the importance of preserving memories. Seeing the joy and nostalgia our Photo Booth experiences bring, whether it’s at weddings, birthdays, or corporate events, reminds me of the significant role we play in capturing life’s special moments. Read more>>

Heather Hall | Owner of Heather Hall Photography

My inspiration is rooted in the profound beauty of family bonds and my desire to capture genuine moments of authentic love and connection within families. I started my photography business shortly after my oldest son was born. As he quickly grew and I looked back at photographs of him and our family, I felt the powerful impact of love that can radiate through pictures. There is an indescribable joy that accompanies revisiting a photograph and reminiscing on the early days. As a busy mother of three children, I’ve come to realize how easily one can forget the subtleties of each passing season—like the sensation of running my fingers through my children’s soft wisps of hair, feeling the delicate grip of their tiny fingers wrapped around mine, and cherishing the authentic connections we share each day. These precious moments can be preserved and rekindled through photography. Photographs are cherished gifts that allow us to hold onto the beauty of the past. It’s my desire to provide the families I photograph with images that ethereally remind them of their unique story and speak to their hearts. Read more>>