We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

Marteja Bailey | Artist

The possibilities of it all. Nothing changes if you choose to give up and if you don’t give up, everything changes. Read more>>

Erica Murphy | Interior Decorator

Never give up! When you start a passion project, a business, or take the steps to pursue your dreams, there will be challenges. In today’s society or social media culture, it can look like chasing dreams are an easy-going or linear process. Read more>>

Tenesha Lusk | Realtor

The path to success? It’s more like a winding trail than a straight line, especially in an industry tangled with gender gaps and scant minority presence. So, how did I carve my way through these barriers? By transforming into an unstoppable force—constantly sharpening my skills, forging a diverse network of allies, and turning my unique perspective into my superpower. Read more>>

Andrew Childress Jr. | Podcaster & Small Business Owner

I am inspired first and foremost by my daughter, Kennedy. She has impacted my life on so many levels; she truly is my driving force. Daily, I wake up and push myself to be better, not only for her but in every single facet of my life. Second to her are the people in my life who are relentless in pushing and motivating me to evolve. Read more>>

Jami Ward | Fund Development Manager, Goodwill North Central Texas

I’m inspired by the creativity of the aspiring designers from the community who have volunteered their time to be part of Project Goodwill. They have been tasked with designing wearable garments using upcycled materials from Goodwill North Central Texas stores. Judges from all aspects of the fashion industry will evaluate the designers’ work based on expression, design, technique and use of unconventional materials during this fun and exciting fashion show. Read more>>

Toni Thrash | Life Coach and Host of The Start Your Comeback Podcast

Great question! The goal is to build a well-respected coaching business on solid relationships and trust with my clients. I want to serve my clients well and establish my schedule with time off to do the other things that bring me joy. It would be incredible to do coaching full-time and it not be a side hustle. I want to make money, but serving my clients well is my main purpose. Read more>>