We were fortunate to catch up with some brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from throughout the Houston area and they share the wisdom with us below.

Jenya Felder | Entrepreneur

One of my favorite affitmation’s comes from my elementary principal, Mr. MacDonald. It’s something I learned at an early age and something that motivates me and has always been part of my mindset: Good, Better, Best. Read more>>

Ren’ee Klause | Partner, friend, artist, and contribution to our community

‘Half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at’

We’re ALL human!

This world is also imperfect in its own way.
Part of developing is to know that others can help us- as we can help them.

Absolutely no one can make it on their own.

Once united, we can then join forces and defeat any barrier! Read more>>

Michaela Yarbrough | Owner & Digital Artist

My business started after high school when I wanted to learn how to start selling my work on the side before going to college. I started my business as “M.Y. Artworks” as a self-named freelance/art business and has evolved over time from traditional art to digital art. I continued to do small jobs here and there throughout college but didn’t make a lot of “serious money” doing freelance while in school. I rebranded in 2022 to “Michaela Made” to simplify what I do – make art illustrations. I then sought to sell my work as art prints, stickers and postcards. I wanted the name to encompass a range of what I “make,” which is not just “design” or “prints” but a bunch of forms of art! I’m very interested in other art forms like riso printing, and ceramics, so I wanted to keep it open-ended to what I create in my business. I also loved the double meaning in my Instagram handle: @michaelamade.it. The work I share is something I “made,” and it’s also an endearing phrase I’m manifesting which is “making it as an artist!” Read more>>

Mirna Martinez | CEO

I think without realizing something that was just meant to help people like myself, became something that was impactful for everyone. Simply by hearing my Traumatic story, people were Motivated, Inspired, and Encouraged to want more and do more. (A girl from the streets that made it out of the hood with a traumatic story, and became a successful CEO that now is helping her jente elevate!) That’s why I became a motivational speaker that now goes out to schools, woman empowerment conferences and even leadership corporate workshops. I Started creating these networking events mix with the carshow seen that are free to the public to help people get connected in anything that they might need to reach that next level in life. You see were all worth more than what we think. Society creates this concept of 4 walls that keeps us from seeing more than where we are. It’s scary to believe that many will stay there and never know what was on the other side. I have a vision of using my story as key to open doors. That is what truly makes me happy! Helping other succeed, if you win I win! (Me Entiendes) Read more>>

Drew Taunton | Certified Life Coach

I believe coaching is essential for any community or place in the world. Coaching helps people transform into the person they want to become and put a real plan to pursuing their goals and dreams. It also creates an environment where we can be truly honest and have someone in our corner pushing us to success. Coaching is multidimensional and there are many avenues to travel down with the clients. Read more>>

Joseph Lahoud | Joseph the Jeweler

The success of LaProng Jewelers is having such a unique niche and value proposition. The fact that we offer more than an ordinary engagement or wedding ring makes us stand out in the crowded bridal jewelry market. Read more>>

Shilwatso Manyengo | Baker

The most important factor is my passion and hard work . Yooh one thing I’ve learnt about running a success business is the fact that you have to really be passionate because you experience so many ups and downs, and that passion is what will push you to keep going no matter how hard it gets. Also the hard work automatically comes with the passion. Working hard and having your own makes you push harder and become successful. Read more>>