We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Tiffany Risch | Snookie Fishing – Content Creator

My business has many parts the most important part of what my platform offers is the ability to express the importance of mental health awareness through the sport of fishing. I have connected with so many unique individuals over the years that have expressed their interest in my content because they feel as though it motivates them to get outdoors. Read more>>

Margie Green | Loan Officer

I help people build wealth by educating them about homeownership. Most people have so many mixed ideas about the process and are fearful of the process but it doesn’t have to be so challenging with the right guidance. Read more>>

Shakera Moore | Founder of Royal Kingdom’s Vacations Co.

Royal Kingdom’s Vacations Co. helps the entire world by creating a one-stop shop full-service International Travel Agency online. We’ve enabled a complete customer self-service booking portal, where customers can book hotels, flights, cars, tours and excursions. Travelers can also find Travel Advisories, Travel Insurance, Flight Trackers, and Visa Information on our home page. Read more>>

Sherrelle Green/Jordan | Life Purpose Spiritual Coach & Ordained Youth Advocate/Minister

Empowering In A BluntlySpoken Way, LLC is exactly what it states. Empowering to inspire many around the world. As the world find out about my business, they are becoming aware of all the motivation and accountability that’s delivered. Posting on all social media platforms, encouraging self love, self caring , healthy love, healing in all complexities of life and so much more. Read more>>

Stacie McKenzie | Owner, S.M.A.C.K Lipbalms

By providing a variety of natural self-care products. Whenever possible, as a family, we try to remove the use of chemicals in our home & from our bodies so I decided that I could leverage essential oils to create “Spa-Like” products for men & women. Self-care is vital right now so our sugar scrub, body butter and lip balms were created to help you pamper yourself in between trips to the local salon or as a great alternative for the DIY group! Read more>>