We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Kaitlin Lovern | Dallas & Frisco Realtor

Helping clients find their home and place in their local community is deep rooted passion we have. On a global reach, with every listing sold we make a contribution to an organization that is very near and dear to my heart, Operation Smile. Our son was born with a cleft and palate during the midst of the pandemic. He received two live changing surgeries that I am forever grateful for. Read more>>

Jared Hill | Real estate agent

The interesting thing about my perspective on Real Estate which slightly differs from my peers is that I see myself working and helping clients manage their most expensive asset. And likely the most expensive asset they’ll own in their life. Extensively every single major life event that occurs generally leads to real estate transactions. I can help make dark times a little brighter by helping them through rough times. Loss in the family, having to move parents or grandparents to assisted living spaces, divorce, all of these events are dark situations that I can help manage those transactions. Read more>>

Melissa Mayo Campbell | Founder, Evergreen Birth & Wellness

I firmly believe that with each peaceful and positive birth that occurs, the world gets a little brighter. The woman is proud of herself and more connected to her baby and her innate abilities to bring forth and nourish life, and the baby received a beautifully peaceful transition into this world. Read more>>

Pelar Bowden | Life Purpose Coach And Certified Medical Assistant

Life coaching helps the community but helping to heal and help give them a safe support system. Helping them go after there dream and goals. Read more>>