We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Shamaaka Augustine | Owner/ Operator

On The Go Mobile Phlebotomy helps the community by providing them with the best in-home lab service. We help make our patients lives a little bit easier. Whether their schedule is full, the patient is bed bound, has a needle phobia, or the patient just prefers to have their blood drawn in the convenience of their home or at work we’re able to provide that service to them. Read more>>

Kristen Belveal | Vice President of Public Relations, Finding Hope Music Festival

Our hope is that Finding Hope Music Festival will have a unique impact on the world my improving people’s mental health. As the name states, we put on a music festival, but our mission goes much deeper than that. Our nonprofit was founded because of a shared passion about music AND mental health. For me personally, I’ve wrestled with depression, anxiety, abuse, and grief during my childhood and adulthood, but God used music to bring me out of that darkness and into His church both for my own healing and so I could help others. Read more>>

Jessica Ambuehl | Storyteller: Photojournalist, Producer and Actor

As a photojournalist, I use imagery to connect the world through human experiences by evoking emotions in the audience to desire to learn more, value differences, discover beauty in brokenness, and expose them to a world they didn’t know existed but can now no longer deny. Read more>>

Drew & Jourdan Smith | Owners of Salt & Light Laundry Service

Our business is centered around spreading the Gospel. When you become our client, you aren’t simply getting your laundry done. You are being prayed over and we are sharing scripture with you every week. We are able to pray so specifically for our clients based on what we learn about them through doing their laundry. We learn where they work, where their children go to school, what sports they play.. so much information that otherwise you would never know about your customer in any other field. We partner with local non-profits every chance we get, pray for people and share God’s word with them because we believe in being mission minded. We believe our business is raising the bar for customer service & care. Read more>>

Ashley Durden | Teen life enrichment mentor & Parent support

El Bosque Plus is a mentoring program that supports pre-teens and teens, ages twelve and up. I help them live their best life now and build themselves up for also preparing for adulthood. We talk about the things they are dealing with now as they start figuring out who they are. We discuss healthy sexuality, puberty, self-esteem/self-worth, DEI, organization skills, and much more. These discussions lay the foundation for them and their futures. My goal is to make sure every teen that speaks with me holds on to the bold decision to be themselves based on who they know themselves to be and not who others tell them they are. I believe this is the key and only way to have a word in which there are those who speak up for others, make bold choices in life, and change the world. It’s those who are unapologetically themselves, those who understand the world around them (good and bad) and still choose to fight to find the best in it that make humanity better. Read more>>