We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Aries Webb-Williams | Podcaster, Technology Sales Account Manager, & DEI advocate

Everything you need is already inside of you. Don’t seek external validation, and don’t let anyone influence you to doubt who you are or what you can do. Read more>>

Jaylan Charles | Photographer & Content Creator

Patience. The biggest thing my business has taught me is patience. Now, the old quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” has a new meaning to me. I understand that building something the right way takes time, focus, and dedication. This is challenging, especially when you are balancing a full-time 9-5 and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a long-term game and the benefits of it take time to show. Read more>>

Tara Carter | Creator of Kid-iisshh & Loan Officer

The most important lesson I have learned is “everything you need is in you or around you”; to stay true to the original vision & be intentional. As time goes and the business grows you learn new ideas & ways of thinking, you see other people doing so many different things, trends pop up every other day; it’s easy to get lost and question if you’re doing the right thing. Yes, there are times that are needed to revisit and tailor the original goal however to jump ship just because you see someone else thriving on their venture isn’t the thing to do. To set realistic expectations that, with consistency, chipped away, will get you to your destination. Read more>>

Shelbie Bowling | Realtor, Freelance Model, Business Owner

Most of my career life has been in sales. Interacting with all different walks of life has most definitely shaped and refined my people skills which I believe is crucial to being successful life. Currently I am a Realtor®, tattoo apprentice, and freelance model. Each one of these call for not only situational awareness, but to understand and genuinely care about others needs and goals. Read more>>

Karoline Scardino | Photographer

Change is just a new opportunity for growth. That’s what my parents always told me whenever I had to move schools again. I hated that phrase as a kid, but my complicated career path has showed me how right my parents were. I first moved to Texas to be a police officer. I studied criminal justice, and while many of my classmates wanted to become lawyers and work out of corner offices in high rises, I wanted to serve my community as a police officer. Read more>>