There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Chad Plumlee | Owner at Cadence Cyclery

Risk is something that is a part of every decision, but I think especially in business you have to be strategic and have pre-determined goals. There are crossroads in your life, at least with me where I could continue down a road making a comfortable living (pharmaceuticals) or venture out to start a small business that is passion driven, rather than financially. Risk plays a major factor in this type of decision and you have to be comfortable that this path may not look like the vision you had in your mind! At the end of the day, these choices are what will ultimately determine some of your happiness. I never want to look back on life and feel like I didn’t make a choice because I was scared of the risk! Read more>>

La’Quan Saxton | Creative Director

I think about risk as “walking by faith”. You have a vision but you don’t have the details formatted to point A to B. You just have this feeling or you know you can do this without any prior knowledge. It’s literally just you and God! My whole creative career has been a risk. Being the first in my family to attend college and I chose the art field when my family wanted me to choose business. Even the investments into equipment and the 10,000 hours (and counting) of honing my craft, not knowing if I was ever going to make an impact, or let alone compensated for my creativity. I am often reminded of James Brown song “Payback” and one of the repeating lines is “paid the cost to be the boss”. Sometimes taking that risk its either going to cost you time, money or both. Read more>>

Nia Dorner | Track and Field Athlete, Artist, & Wellness Coach

Taking risks has been integral to my journey, defining who I am today. From relocating 2,000 miles away for my student-athlete career on a scholarship to navigating a new city for my track and field pursuits, I’ve continually stepped into uncertainty. Networking beyond my comfort zone, balancing education, pro-level training, and full-time work in a unfamiliar state, devoid of family, has molded me into a resilient individual. The journey includes failed business attempts, a running venture, and the pursuit of my dreams in track and field, art, and modeling, all while embracing the challenges of motherhood. Read more>>

Avzy Mack | Artist- Musician- Singer/Songwriter

If I am not taking risks, it is in my Opinion, you can become stuck. Risks are what it is all about- especially in the music industry. I am always pushing myself to be uncomfortable. Risk-taking is an essential aspect of decision-making and career advancement for many individuals.You only live once! Read more>>

CHOKE | Creating Her Own Kinetic Energy

Risky business. I’m likely the biggest risk taker I know…in fact, I’m pretty sure my entire life has been one giant risk, especially as a full time visual artist, entrepreneur and wanderlust. To attempt a thing and potentially fail, miserably, is one of the greatest joys I welcome into my life, to be quite honest. How else will I learn ? How else will I grow? What else is out there ? How far can I push the boundaries of the status quo? How far can I push my own boundaries? What if it works out? WHAT IF, IT WORKS OUT. I’m currently on an island in SouthEast Asia living within a traditional family compound, learning a totally new language, eating new and interesting foods, exploring new terrain on a motorbike, all the while, teaching myself how to paint more realistically and …. although I may scream, curse and make silly noises while painting…. This is me, actively pushing myself as an artist. Read more>>

Winter Wiggins | I am a influencer, educator, lash artist, brow and lip tech. I also do retail and digital products.

Risk-taking is very important, but one of the hardest things a human being can do. A lot of us succumb to fear daily and we aren’t even aware of it. I remember when I had to take the risk of quitting my 9-5 to go all into my business and it was very hard for me to trust the unknown and that everything was just going to work out. Since I didn’t take the initiative and quit, God took over and I got fired. When I got fired it was at a rough time in my life and I didn’t know what else to trust. There were no other jobs I could apply to that interested me, and the little jobs I did find weren’t calling me back. God made me sit and wait and learn patience at that moment. Eventually, an abundance of clientele started coming to me, to the point I wasn’t even prepared for it. Read more>>