Our community is made up of brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, but many of them are also dedicated parents and so we asked them an in port at question: If you are a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children?

April Barnes | Photographer and Business Owner

I am a parent and a stepparent. I used to work in the corporate world doing expatriate management. I was working with people all over the world and was always at work or on a call and didn’t have the energy I would’ve liked to have give my family. They are one of the major reasons I decided to make the jump from my old career to my lifelong dream of being a professional photographer. They are much more involved (and interested) in my work. I can take them with me on jobs as they are the best assistants! Also, they have shown interest in being involved with videography, editing and they are the best models when I want to try out new ideas! I get to show them the life of being an entrepreneur and hopefully build a business that they can take over. Read more>>

Taylor Reyes | Mom & Doctor of Physical Therapy

Currently my daughter is only 2.5 years old. There is a lot we are trying to teach her, but who knows how much of it is sticking at this age? The main thing that we are trying to instill in her is that is responsible for her actions. Ensuring that she understands personal accountability, I believe, will set her up for healthy relationships be it familial, friends, school, or in the future, work. Every decision and action she makes will have a consequence. Sometimes the consequences will be sweet, other times gut wrenching. That’s life. If she can navigate it with confidence and accountability she can accept the good and the bad in a way that is healthy. Read more>>

Annette Mason | Whole-hearted Go-Getter, entrepreneur focused on conscious capitalism, former corporate executive, wife, and mom

Growing up,​ I always knew I would have a career. I did not have that same knowing about parenthood. I am a mom to two adult sons who are global citizens. The most important things I have done in terms of impact on them and for them is to love them unconditionally, recognize their voice, expose them to global travel, and be transparent with them. It has been blessed alchemy. Read more>>

Don Mamone | Business Owner, Strategist, Coach and Catalyst

I’m a hospitality veteran, artist and entrepreneur but, most importantly, I am a father. One of the many reasons I love being a business owner is the ability to work when I can be the most productive so that I can be present in my daughter’s life. Proactively choosing to spend quality time with her during her formative years is one of the most impactful decisions I have made to show her how important she is to me and how much I love her. Read more>>

Shirley Quaid | Artist

This is a difficult question. I believe I showed my children the value of a strong work ethic. I also tried to show them that it is NOT ok to give-up when life gets rough and that it IS ok to take risks to achieve their goals. I spent a good deal of my adult life terrified of the decisions that I was making but I plowed ahead and made good things happen. Happily they have assimilated integrity, the ability to work hard for their goals and a caring attitude. Read more>>