Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

JUANFHER GARZIA | Photographer and Bilingual Teacher

I have been working for a School District in Texas for almost 12 years. Through this time I have use my artistic skills to help the students social emotional well being. I had worked in 4 different schools, three of them located at low income communities. As leader of the multicultural committee I love to bring joy to the student population during the school year. I have organized school plays, choreographed students dance for 5 de Mayo program, and since 2016 I started with Pictures with Santa as School Fundraiser. This holiday fundraiser has helped to buy equipment and technology available for teachers to facilitate their lesson plans delivery. This year has been challenging for everybody and the idea to work on this project was a little bit difficult considering the pandemic situation and social distancing in school. I worked along with the PTA on this activity to ensure we had enough people to ensure all our students take a photo with Santa with all safety procedures. The students were so happy to see Santa and myself dressed up as the Grinch. Read more>>

Jasmine Gonzalez| Psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe the work of mental health professionals make profound impacts on their communities and the world at large. My services as a psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor helps people to navigate many difficult life situations. My military service originally inspired me to join the field of mental health and I have worked in a variety of different community settings to include the military, community mental health, and currently in the private practice setting providing counseling to the Dallas community. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds including individuals, adolescents, and couples. I personally identify as multicultural and believe that as our communities grow more diverse, it is imperative that our mental health professionals become more representative of the communities, cultures, and populations they service. Read more>>

Anna Sessions | Director (Nonprofit Professional Ballet Company & Conservatory)

A large part of the mission of my organization is to provide the arts (dance, music, & theatre) to communities, audiences and students who generally would not be able to benefit or participate in such experiences, education and training. Our professional company (Ballet North Texas) brings ballet performances specifically to veterans, refugees, The Boys and Girls Club, seniors and people with special needs and disabilities. My Conservatory (North Texas Conservatory) provides training to a large variety of students. We are able to scholarship multiple children every year and give full attention to students with special needs or disabilities. I wanted to create a space that truly allowed for family support and community while participating in wholesome education. We are so much more than a place to go to learn how to dance, sing or play an instrument! This is a home for whole families to come and feel support as their students grow in skill, character and personal success. Read more>>

Steve Trash® | Rockin’ Eco Hero – Eco-Entertainer – Wearer of Big Hats

Early in my career, I discovered that I loved show business very very much. I loved entertaining people, I loved making them laugh, I loved amazing them with magic tricks. I loved bringing them joy. Doing this also brought me joy, but I realized that this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to bring joy AND understanding… all at the same time. So I went searching for a way to merge my love of show business with my love (and passion) for something else. The environment was a logical choice for me. My dad had been a forester, my mom, a school teacher, and I was passionate about nature and the environment. I created a mythical character: Rockin’ Eco Hero – Steve Trash® and started creating entertainment with a message. I could make magic tricks with garbage. I could make music with recycled instruments. I could create PBS TV shows with environmental science themes. Read more>>

Gregory Joel | Farm Manager for Opal’s Farm and Writer

When we began our Creative Strategy session for 2020 one of the very first questions was “What is food insecurity?” What does that look like and how does it affect the neighborhood, the city, the state, and ultimately, world? The consequences of food insecurity – not having enough to eat, not knowing if one will, and not having access to healthy food – touch virtually every aspect of society. Crime, education, economic opportunity, poverty, health and health care – the list goes on. Lack of healthy food is the root of almost all social problems. Food – healthy food -is a basic human right. Opal’s Farm can’t feed everyone, but we can grow nutritious food for our community and our neighbors. Moreover, we can do it in such a way that leaves the soil and environment in a better place than we found it through regenerative agriculture practices. We imagine a world where diversity is evident, opportunities are plentiful, and divisions are crossed, all in pursuit of lasting unity. Read more>>

Trinity Ibrena | Self-care Box Creator

KaiTrin care is my latest business and a partnership with my best friend. Our business’ mission is to empower women to fulfill their goals and find their strengths through products that encourage mindfulness, self-love, and self-care. We create self-care boxes that do just that. Our business equips women in the community with the tools they need to take care of themselves and mental health, so they can show up in their businesses, careers, families, and relationships as the best version of themselves. Read more>>

Georgia Viertel | Owner of G.Shelle Photography

In my line of work, I want to impact my community by building it! Having a background in philanthropy and ministry work, I have always felt the calling to help others. This is a personal duty that everyone should feel obligated to fulfill. In my work, I love having the opportunity to use photography as a chance to hear people’s stories. There have been clients that have become family to me. I photographed a wedding in 2014, and in 2015 the bride helped plan my very own wedding. Any chance I have to work is a chance for me to make a new friend. In addition to making friends, I feel as though everyone deserves photos. In this day and age, and quick marketing on social media, we can easily get caught up in what people owe us. While it is necessary to know your worth as a business owner, it is also a priority to remember that everyone has a story. Read more>>

Caitlin McGree | Dog Trainer & Owner Educator

The sad truth is that roughly 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters in the U.S every year. I run my business with one goal in mind; keep more dogs from being surrendered to shelters because of behavioral issues and possibly euthanized. However, the true task behind this is helping people who are struggling with their dogs. What I do is more than just dog training, it’s owner education. I can tell people how to work with their dogs all day long, but if I don’t actually teach them why they’re doing what they’re doing they won’t be successful and the results most likely won’t be long lasting. There are dog owners out there who are truly struggling and on the verge of giving up their dogs. Knowing I can give them hope and show them that they have another option besides surrendering them is what keeps me going. Read more>>