Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Beau James Foster | Artist, Photographer, Poet & Storyteller

I certainly feel as though my work genuinely makes folks stop and think. I guess my first instinct to answer this question was the impact my personal stories have on those struggling with mental illness or addiction, but that has just recently became a narrative. Over the years I’ve been chasing the story. An emotion. A resolve. I take that very serious and I see a result most of the time when someone responds and says “I never really saw it that way” or “That made me think”. Of course I also enjoy making promotional videos or artful photos of small businesses to help bring awareness to their product. And I also donate my time to help folks struggling as many have helped me over the years. Read more>>

Zoe Madewell | Owner & CEO

Music saved my life. I grew up in extreme poverty as the oldest of 10 children. There was no money for music or ballet lessons. It was my beautiful Bubbies, my grammas who brought art and culture into my life. Every year they would give me $25 for my birthday and XMAS. I saved it up and bought my first guitar. This guitar is now hanging on the wall of my music school. The music school in Irving that made history on the day of it’s opening in 2016. This music school, opened by a single mom, and a self-taught musician, has won 2 biz awards and been nominated for National Music School of the Year 2020. I didn’t open a music school to run a business. I opened the music school to share my passion. My mission. To give children the gift of music, now when they need it most. To give our community, and now the world, because of Covid, we have switched to both online and in person lessons, a way to have music and ballet lessons in one location. I’ve seen first hand the benefits of early music education with my own children. Read more>>

Marla Farrell | Personal Trainer

Being physically fit helps us all in more ways than one. Just being able to do all the things life requires of us is the most useful. But feeling good is my favorite part. I know if I didn’t exercise most days of the week I would not feel like exercising most days of the week. Funny how that works. So of course I want to share that feeling with my community. Especially now that we’re going through such a socially isolated time with Covid-19, I feel it’s very important to keep people moving. Staying physically fit is one of the best ways to combat the disease. I very happy to say most of my clients have continued to work out with me during this odd time. Read more>>