We had the good fortune of connecting with Lori Brooks and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lori, other than deciding to work for yourself, what else do you think played a pivotal role in your story?
The single most important decision in my life was embarking on my weight loss journey. In 2015, I released over 100 pounds in less than 1 year naturally! That was an extremely soul breaking experience. To lose over 100 pounds in less than 1 year took discipline, self-determination & faith. I had hit rock bottom — and being 24 at the time I had so many health ailments. I was utterly uncomfortable in my skin and who I was as a person. My body hurt like crazy— I was 5’2 weighing 224 pounds at 24 years old.

When I embarked on my weight loss & spiritual journey it was not the “cool” thing to do as it is now. So during this time I received lots of push back & criticism from family and friends. The process was very dark, isolating and lonely. I actually lost a lot of friends as my life was shifting an elevating to a higher vibration. People thought I was losing my mind & on illicit drugs because of my transformation. I guess in a way I did lose my mind and found who I TRULY AM.

The shedding of those 100 pounds allowed my light to truly shine through and live in my higher purpose. I am so grateful for that experience. The true testament is that I have kept it off 6 years later and have fully embodied a holistically healthy lifestyle. I love that I get to teach and guide others on their weight release journies— it’s an honor to be a guide for them.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Coach Me Lori B. is a holistic service based business that offers yoga, health & life coaching, physical training and energy work. I get the pleasure of create sacred spaces for corporations, the youth & adults whether in person or virtually.

Initially, I would say my business started from that pure space of turning anguish and pain into purpose and passion. It was after Trayvon Martin’s murder that I felt hopeless an exasperated that Zimmerman was acquitted of his heinous actions in 2013. I could literally feel the pain from my people. I was living in Huntsville, TX surrounded by so much racism — I got tired of going to rally’s on campus. I got tired of creating Facebook and twitter posts. I got tired of seeing how systemically black and brown people were treated in this country. I was beyond furious & exhausted. My spirit was broken. My soul burned like fire. I broke down and asked God how to help me, help my people. The answer I received was, “Change yourself within, that will be the only way you can assist in the liberation & empowerment of the [BIPOC] community.”

My business started off as me dibbling & dabbling in my purpose and passions. I knew I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but, I had know idea what my business would be. I have over a decade of a mental health background. I used to work for the state of Texas as a QMHP case manger for children and adults & serving adults in psychiatric hospitals — I enjoyed empowering people especially, the youth about their mental health and wellbeing.

After taking a hiatus from mental health and moving to Dallas in 2015, I was yearning for a way to empower people; however, in my own way that felt aligned to who I am, allowing me to incorporate spirituality and explore alternative methods for healing. I began hosting free healing sessions for my friends and family out of my home. These sessions were so unique because I would allow spirit to guide me on how to conduct each session. I created this whole vibe full of art, zen music, meditation pillows, crystals & other healing tools in my bedroom. We would journal, practice yoga, experience guided meditations & I would offer spirit work (aka homework) for them to complete between our sessions.

Utilizing my life experiences of growing up & graduating high school in Japan, coupled with my college degrees being in sociology & psychology, my mental health careers, and me surrendering to God to be used as a vessel I was able to co-create a sacred space for healing to take place.

I would receive such amazing feedback from the sessions— people would share how their life was transforming from their sessions, how they could connect with God on a higher level, or simply accessing more peace or clarity in their life. One of my clients started his own business after our sessions, another client had major blockages and was able to release depression and had multiple job offers within 2 weeks of our healing sessions.

With these results and feedback I decided to begin getting certified in various modalities in 2017. Over the next two years, I became a certified yoga instructor, health coach, life coach, personal trainer, & Reiki Master.

The most difficult decision to date has been leaving Corporate America. I left my cushy, corporate position to pursue my purpose and passions. In 2019, I received a yoga instructor scholarship from The Yoga Institute in Houston and Institute for Spirituality & Health at the Texas Medical Center. I had been working for a company where I & 12 other people were selected out of 200 employees for a specialty team. We were bringing in the company millions, however, the company did not align with my morals or values. The lack of respect and value I received left my soul depleted. When I asked to take leave for the training and was denied I knew something had to shift in my life.

I took a week to pray and connect with higher powers. Questioning myself daily, “Was I going to miss out on my life’s purpose for a life of stability?” The answer I received was “YES, go and you will be taken care of.” I resigned on September 13, 2019 and went to Houston to begin my training. I had no plan, no major savings, & no support from my family (initially) BUT, I felt empowered for betting on myself! All I needed was the green light from God to go. Listening to God’s guidance & my heart led to my path today. It was challenging because I thought about all the things that could go wrong (and things did go “wrong”) and what a waste my college degree would be now. That was simply fear creeping in trying to stall me from my purpose.

I can say that I am in my purpose and get to fulfill my destiny as higher power’s vessel. My version of success is different from others— everyday I wake up getting to do what I love and be of service to elevate our community and humanity. My knowing is that when you live in purpose everything else will be taken care of in your life. Life will manifest more life — you just have to surrender and trust the process. This journey is not for the faint of heart and those who lack faith!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
When I say I love Dallas, I truly LOVE Dallas! There is always something to do here and the activities range from the city scene to beautiful hiking gems. I am plant based eater so I know all the best vegan/ vegetarian spots. I would take my friends to Vegan Food House for amazing soul food, then later in the week we would hit up Bam’s Vegan in Irving, followed by Spiral Diner in the Oak Cliff area.

I enjoy people watching and never meet a stranger so I love Dallas’ drinking spots to connect with other like minded people. Me and my besties would go to my top 3 spaces: Parliament for craft cocktails during happy hour & the Botanist in the Bishop Arts district.

A space I love to visit for live music is the Scat Lounge in Downtown Fort Worth. It has a swanky speakeasy vibe that’s perfect for date night or catching up with friends.

My favorite hangout space are the Crow Museum of Asian Art, Dallas Museum of Modern Art, the Grandscape in the Colony & Addison when I want a little more suburban life.

As far as nature vibes, we would go to Grapevine Lake! They have hidden hiking trails that I have explored and are to die for with beautiful views of the lake. I enjoy going to Benbrook Lake in Benbrook & Lake Texoma which is north of Dallas but, well worth the drive. DFW has great hiking areas like Arbor Hills, Cedar Ridge, Cleburne State Park & other random spots with water vibes. If you want to go let me know!

Whenever, I go out I never meet a stranger. I am always connecting with people, asking them deep life questions (I loath small talk) & trying to find out what their purpose is in life. So this always opens doors for me and my friends to get into exclusive events or people gifting me experiences whenever I go out. It’s always good to genuinely get to know & care about people, it has always worked in my favor.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I would say the most important factor to my success is two fold — the belief in God, allowing higher powers, to use me as a vessel. God has helped me through some of the toughest trials and tribulations. My company is spiritually rooted, so every decision I make is guided by the divine.

Secondly, my family (mom, dad, sister, brother, auntie & uncle) and friends who truly know me, love, & support me despite my many flaws. I know a lot of people and am very sociable but, I keep a very small circle that I call my “Kitchen Cabinet”. Mostly, these are the people that have known me before my weight loss & spiritual transformation and still loved the fiery, passionate, & bold Lori before I entered into my zen ways.

Since being in Dallas, I have met a few beautiful souls who I call family and always check-in on my well being! Lastly, I want to thank the North Texas Entrepreneur Education and Training Center & Lisa Nichols for being my mentors along my entrepreneur journey.

Website: https://coachmelorib.com

Instagram: @coachmelorib

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorilashawnbrooks/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachLoriB

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_WAwD5F2Mxie_k3H4mpSzw/about

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