We had the good fortune of connecting with Jackie Robinson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jackie, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Risk is a prerequisite to achieving any major goal. The bigger the goal is, the more likely it is that you will have to assume some risk. I took a risk when I started my company, SheBoss Unlimited. I launched using my own money, not knowing if or how fast I would see a return on that investment. It was also risky for me to launch a business that I was not 100% sure if people would support. I blended my professional development coaching and training with women’s empowerment and a catchy name and hoped for the best. The market of coaching is saturated. There is a coach for everything these days. I have been coaching and training since 2003 but never in my own business. This is truly my passion and divine calling so I decided to take the risk and jump into an overcrowded pool of “coaches” and launch my business, with the goal of standing out from the rest. Not only does SheBoss Unlimited offer leadership and professional development resources for women, the company has SheBoss-branded merchandise and accessories that serve to also empower the “SheBoss”. The goal for any woman who wears or displays SheBoss apparel or accessories to connect with the brand and “feel” like she is truly a “SheBoss” The risk was well worth it. SheBoss has been well-received and is still evolving. Soon, there will be a service offered for medium to large-sized organizations. SheBoss is more than just a brand or another coaching business, it’s a message and a movement.

What should our readers know about your business?
SheBoss Unlimited is a leadership, professional development and empowerment company for women. The company provides resources such as workshops, webinars and conferences, as well as empowerment networking events that include women-specific panel discussions. Downloadable resources are also available on the company website and a Facebook discussion group is also available. SheBoss Unlimited focuses on empowering women to go for what they deserve in their careers or entrepreneurial pursuits, in spite of the disparities we face. The company also advocates for the advancement of women and is vocal about gender equity issues. What sets SheBoss Unlimited apart from other similar companies is that the work we do and the brand message is tied to a specific social issue: gender equality and diversity and inclusion, The work that I have done working for other companies and my natural passion for encouraging and empowering women to be the best that they can be is how I got where I am with my business today. Almost every job I had dealt with some form of professional development preparation and/or training. As I mentioned earlier, I have been sought out for years as a source of encouragement, inspiration and advice years before I even heard of professional development coaching. I am very grateful and excited for my journey thus far and to have launched my business, however, it was not without doubt. It was easy for me to transfer my learned and natural skills into this business but there were some obstacles. My mindset allowed me to overcome the obstacles. When you are mentally strong enough to keep going even when you are not 100% sure, when you are afraid, or when there are threats, you can overcome almost anything, What I have learned along the way is that not everyone has the capacity or willingness to support you the way you think you should be supported and the people you thought for sure would support you likely will not be the ones who do. Just because you think your new business is a big deal does not mean your family and friends think so. I have also learned that you have to believe in yourself more than you have ever believed in yourself before when you decide to start a business of your own. Believing in yourself, whether anyone else does or not, is what will sustain you on your journey to success. Finally, I have learned that it is critical to assess and adjust periodically and be prepared to pivot and make changes as necessary, when necessary. I want to world to know that SheBoss Unlimited is more than just another brand or professional development company, it’s a message and a movement.

SheBoss Unlimited strives to take a holistic approach to empowering women, with its efforts centered around the following 6-point thrust:

6-Point Empowerment Thrust
1. Mental Wellness
2. Emotional Stability
3. Spiritual Awareness
4. Physical Wellness
5. Diversity & Inclusion
6. Professional & Business Growth/Development

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If a friend was visiting me in Dallas for a week, I would be sure that we made time to hang out Uptown Dallas, The Highlands in Arlington, and Trinity Groves. There is lots of eating and drinking that can take place in all 3 areas. We most definitely would be taking a trip to the Galleria and Northpark malls. If the weather is nice, we would make a stop by Klyde Warren Park to see what’s happening there.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
First, I would like to shoutout my daughters. I worked really hard as a young mother to give them a good example for them. I wanted them to see a mother that valued education, was a hard-worker, and goal-driven. My goal was for them to have a guide of how to be independent and how to live purposefully. I would also like to shoutout all of those who saw in me what I had not yet realized in myself yet. To those who came to me for advice, help, and encouragement many years ago, and told me “there is just something about you that makes me feel comfortable talking to you”, or “you are so inspiring and the reason I want to do something great”. There were a few who decided that I was their coach before I ever thought about being a coach. I was coaching people long before I was ever certified. All of you sparked the flame inside of me and helped me connect with my divine purpose and I will always remember that.

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