We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Margot Martin | Owner/Founder The Ballet Burn

Being a business owner has taught me more than I could have anticipated. The art of networking and opening yourself up to others in a real and vulnerable way has proven to be a very helpful skill. Learning to find people who support you and care just as much about your business as you do is vital. It’s quite easy to fall into the trap where you feel you have to do everything on your own, but when you begin to learn that others want to help the game totally changes. Being a ballerina taught me the importance of adaptability, a lesson that has carried over greatly into this pandemic. We have all been pushed to new challenges throughout this time and I believe it has oddly brought us closer to each other although we haven’t been together since March. As a community, it is still possible to thrive and care for one another despite no longer having a space to call our own. Read more>>

Nick Carpenter | Musician

I spent years chasing popularity and trends to no avail. Then I decided to give up the dream and mentally move music from career goal to passion/hobby. The music I made for fun eventually became popular and opened the door for career. I learned to give less weight to trends and popularity and value my own time with my craft. Read more>>

Kayli Weiss | Cinematographer and Photographer

The film industry can get very intense at times with extremely long days, heavy lifting, mental focus, and unpredictable schedules. It’s easy to get caught up in this flow and forget to take care of your body and mind. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it is crucial to find routine time for self care amidst a demanding work schedule. In order to stay sharp and healthy on set, I’ve learned to prioritize sleep, eat healthy, and incorporate some type of movement or stretching into my day. Working in the camera department can be very physical at times so it is important to take care of your body and fuel it properly. Not only is it essential to take care of your body, but it’s also important to take care of your mind. I try to meditate daily and make sure I schedule days off to relax. Read more>>

Zulema Verduzc0 | Exceptional Elegance Designs Owner & Founder

One of the most important lessons my business has taught me is that things don’t always turn out the way you wanted but you have to keep pushing forward to reach your goals. There is no set timeline for when you have to reach success. When I was in college I took some entrepreneurial courses because I knew that someday I wanted to eventually own my own business. Exceptional Elegance Designs was just an idea I had been playing with, but hadn’t really thought about in a realistic way, I hadn’t even settled on a name for my business. Then, in one of my business classes, our semester project was to design a new business. This business could be real or imaginary so I took the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to do and what kind of services I wanted to provide my future clients. Read more>>