Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Sarah Rivera | Brand and Product Photographer

The largest misconception about brand photography is that it consists of just pretty headshots. It is far from that. Together with the business owner we curate imagery that matches their message. A photoshoot for an entrepreneur could consist of lifestyle headshots, combined with working shots, flatlays, and product imagery. All to showcase what it is that they do, how they do it and what they help their clientele with, in order bring genuine brand awareness. Brand photography is everywhere around you, you just didn’t realize depth of it and process that went into that one image. Read more>>

Akin & Naomi | Owners

Dapper 5 Fine Men’s Grooming isn’t your regular barbershop. We are a places where EVERY man can come and leave feeling good both inside and out. From our amazing staff, our very comfortable membership lounge to our networking events, Dapper 5 is a one stop shop for today’s man! Dapper 5 is the connection of the old barbershop feel meeting modernity. We embody what it means to be a “Dapper Man and “Swagger the American Way.” With the state of the world right now, it is easy to get bogged down and not want to care for anything, But looking Dapper is one of the first steps to gaining the confidence needed to take on the world. We understand that every human is unique, especially with their grooming routine, which is why we have distanced ourselves from the industry standard of cookie-cutter grooming services to provide our clients with a benchmark service that is the hallmark of what we stand for. Read more>>

Stephanie Lindsey | Mental Health Therapist

One thing outsiders are likely unaware of is that ALL people, themselves and therapists included, are affected by mental health concerns. Everyone has mental health, and just like with physical health, it is not always balanced. Mental health concerns are not only these “extreme” cases you see in the media, they are also well disguised and avoided due to lack of awareness or fear of being judged and misunderstood. We all experience hardship at some point in our life that changes how we think, feel, believe, and behave; therefore, we all deserve a safe place to work through these challenges that can rob us of living our life to the fullest. Read more>>

Ana Lanier | Portrait Photographer

Like any industry, it’s difficult to know the intricacies of what it all entails if you are not actually in that world. With photography, we are not just snapping photos, we are creating art and creating a community of artists who all share the same passion. I think many people can unknowingly overlook the community behind the lens. The photography industry is extremely giving. Giving in the sense of sharing ideas, sharing things we’ve learned with each other. I have worked in several industries in my life and this one by far has the greatest sense of community in my opinion. At any given time you will find a photographer sharing things they have discovered, new lighting techniques, new products – with a group of photographers! I have learned so much from my peers, it’s really empowering to feel so much support from your colleagues. Read more>>