How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Nalani Jacquia | Lash technician , and multiple business owner

There in no discussion on whether you should keep going or give up! Simply because there is no giving up, you never stop chasing your dreams. At what seemed the lowest time of my life, there were plenty of time where I wanted to give up! I did not want to pursue my dreams, I didn’t want to keep my mind and body in the healthiest form it could have been in , but I knew I’d be more upset with myself if I had let the odds beat me. Why are you giving up? What are the pros of giving up? Resentment, no money, not being happy? Everything starts off hard, life is HARD, but being broke is even harder! You do not ever give up, you plan , you study, you listen, you practice and you master everything you do in life to make yourself happy! Read more>>

William Mathews III | Fashion Designer & Activist

Now this, this is the epitome of a starter question. I battle with answering this question daily and the only answer I continually come up with is faith. My faith in God and truly believing in the talents he has given me keeps the fire stoked with my veins. Daily I am reminded of how difficult it is to separate from the crumbs that this system provides. This alone is my keen reason to create, build, and restore communities through love and resources. To become an entrepreneur is to become selfish, but rather being selfish at times is necessary to advance the status of our people. Read more>>

Kenya Spears | Entrepreneur

There comes a point in time where an entrepreneur has to decide whether their calling is really their calling, or if it’s a seasonal mission to complete. There are long days and long nights, so many thoughts that creep in your head telling you to give up, but for some reason, you just keep going. This is my story, Kenya Spears. A woman who is willing to trade her 40 hours a week for 60+. Willing to use the voice that used to be silenced. Willing to take risks to ensure that young women have the confidence I didn’t have as a child. So for this reason, I will always continue to keep going. To keep fighting, to keep using my voice to speak up, and to ensure that girls and women alike have the confidence to navigate life’s uncertainties. Read more>>