Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

LoLo Roberts, CCP | Founder, Grateful Gratitude

I think my success comes from taking care of others immediately. My nonprofit is a resource for agencies dealing with people in crisis. When someone is in crisis, they need resources immediately, and most conventional service agencies take weeks to get in the front door. I respond to police departments, other nonprofits, and the general public at the height of their crisis. In most instances, I provide assistance or referrals within 24 hours. Read more>>

Marcus Jones | Owner of Ten Hunid, a thriving clothing brand

The diversely creative ability i have control of has always played a major role in my success and the brand’s success. Being able to have hands on access to everything I’m involved in gives me a comfortable thinking process to keep striving at a steady pace. Read more>>

Jeremy Hall | Spiritual Life Coach & Metaphysician

To be more specific, I will comment on the important factor behind my success.


Compassion is the important factor behind my success because compassion motivates and strives an individual to be very specific in his or her craft and to be patient while engaging in their creativity. Read more>>

Johntia Jackson | Teacher, Actor, Mentor, & Creative Director

I have to say that allowing God to lead me in my journey is my guiding force. It is me stepping out of my own way. I mean the plans we make sometimes dont workout. I had to learn to give my all to every situation. No mater the course or where I landed, there was a reason for me occupying that space. If I’m there I’m going to make it the best because it’s associated with my name, and that name is my brand. Read more>>

Cristina Massey | Social Media Content Creator

To me the most important factor is building relationships with the business owners so they can. Hold trust with me that I will do the best to my ability to represent their business. While at the same time, building relationships with my followers by responding to their questions. This in turn makes them trust me with my recommendations on what restaurants or products to try. A mutual respect from all parties will lead to everyone succeeding. Read more>>

Norma Wright | Founder

The most crucial element behind the success of my brand is staying true to its founding purpose and origin. Originating from a humble background in a small town, I witnessed the lack of resources for women facing challenges like cancer or alopecia. This realization fueled my mission to develop a solution that could positively impact these individuals’ lives and restore their confidence. Remembering this initial drive and commitment to making a difference has been the cornerstone of our brand’s success. Read more>>

Skip Leingang | Psychic Medium

The most important factor is our integrity. For the last 30 years, we have been driven to maintain our integrity, and not deviate from that. Part of what encompasses integrity, is our commitment to keeping things real. There are a lot of people in our line of work, who are constantly out on the fringe area of things, and love to “Hollywood” things, because they feel it sets them apart from the others. Read more>>

Tom Keener | Cultural Arts Manager

Listening the needs and wants of our patrons is a critical factor to our success. Read more>>

Tonay Pridgen | Carribean Chef

The most important factor behind my success is making sure everyone that encounters my business has the most memorable experience possible weather that is the enjoyment of the music or the food and for the select few who just enjoy seeing me cooking and how I like putting menu items together Read more>>

Lauren Haley | Real estate agent

I attribute my success to my family. My husband encouraged me to get my real estate license and has always been very supportive. Whether it’s a weekend showing or if I need to type up a contract, my husband helps me a lot with our kids so that I can focus on work. My group at Compass, Danuser + Rado Group also contributes by serving as an amazing mentor to me. Christine Danuser and Julie Rado, my teammates, have been in real estate collectively for over 12 years and I feel honored to be a part of our top ranked team. I also attribute my success to my network. Having a vast and diverse network as an agent is key. My business is largely driven by referrals which come to me from many avenues. I grew up in Houston and attended St. Francis Episcopal and then Memorial High School. I attended The University of Texas and joined Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Since moving to Dallas in 2012, I have served on the fundraising committee for Cattle Barons Ball for several years. My daughters attend Good Shepherd Episcoal School, and we are members of T Bar M Racquet Club. All of these are networks that contribute to my business and drive my client referrals. Read more>>