Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Tyler Danen | Founder and CEO

The success of FITBENCH truly stems from the people that make up the brand. Since getting the idea off the ground in 2016 we have relied heavily on our close relationships and contacts in the industry. What started as a “light bulb idea” was brought to fruition from the people in the boutique fitness space who helped in perfecting the idea that is now FITBENCH. Every detail of each product we offer was derived from feedback and how we can make the bench the most versatile, space-saving, and safest workout bench on the market. Read more>>

Naomi Noel | Blogger and Content Creator

One of the most important factors to success as a blogger/content creator is being genuine. In the world of social media, there is a constant pull of who has the most followers, the most Pinterest worthy house, and the most enviable vacations. It is easy for one to compare oneself to bloggers or content creators on social media and conversely bloggers or content creators to compare themselves to others in their respective platforms. Read more>>

Kae Strain | Fitness Entrepeneur & Creator of SPIN Fam

Most important would be my unrelenting passion and belief in a vision. Throughout my fitness and entrepeneurship journey, I fell in love w/SPIN. But, I could never quite find the class vibe I felt was needed that would be a perfect mix of motivating and demanding…with a family AND party vibe. I am told that I have the characteristics of a drill sergeant with the intentions of forcing people to reach inward to grab whatever it is necessary to initiate growth and positive change. It’s a shift in mindset that matters most to me. The mindset to grow and push others around you to grow as well. But, the fun, good vibes and music are all important as well. They play a huge role. Read more>>

Aley Rose | Vegan Lifestyle blogger & Influencer

I think the most important factor behind the success of my brand is resilience. You cannot let negative outcomes stop you from trying until you succeed. Staying consistent and not worrying about fitting it helps a lot. Read more>>

Victor Villarreal | Chef/ Co Owner

I think a hard work ethic, surrounding myself with the right people, and a real passion for what I do. Has given me the right tools to be able to succeed. Being able to trust your judgement when the world tells you to play it safe with the same ol’ same ol’. Read more>>

Amber Martin | External Relations Manager / Community Engagement Manager

The most important factor behind the success of Reading Partners is our model, our Americorps members, and volunteers. Reading Partners is a national nonprofit, with a region in North Texas. Reading Partners is contracted by Dallas and Fort Worth Independent School Districts (ISDs) to help students who are struggling with reading. We train community volunteers, who then deliver our program curriculum to students within a classroom setting. In 2020-2021, Reading Partners launched Reading Partners Connects (RPCx), a virtual version of traditional programming. Read more>>

Kaitlyn Wood | Esthetician

I think the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is the way I incorporate result driven treatments, along with relaxation. I believe that making a difference in your skin starts from within. My space is a place where my guests can feel like they are rejuvenated, inside and out. Life can be incredibly hectic and stressful for many, and I like to be able to give my guests an experience in which they can focus on themselves and breathe for a moment, while attaining their skin goals. Read more>>

Zaesha Hudson | Minister, Author & Wig Maker

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is God. I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am today if it weren’t for Him. Growing up my grandma tried to instill church in me and I hated it. As I got older and experienced hard times in my life and marriage, I was able to grow my own personal relationship with God, without all the religion. He saved my life, my marriage and I will always be so grateful for the changes he’s made in my life. Read more>>

Brandi Ingram | Social Media Influencer & Sales Consultant

The most important factor in the success of my business and brand I believe is being consistent. If I don’t provide what my customers are used to with the same high level of consistency they can easily go find someone else who will. Read more>>

Lioness TeLaine | Producer, Director, Actress

I’d say the most important factor behind my success is patience and commitment. So many times we start something in life and lose the vision. We lose motivation to see it all the way through. Once we get to a place of stagnation, we have to ask ourselves anyways, what keeps us motivated? Ask yourself what is success and what does it look like for me? Read more>>

Sarah Stone Mitchell | Food Influencer & Insurance Professional

The most important factor behind my success is persistence and passion. My brand would be nothing without those two important factors! First, I want to discuss persistence. Persistence is important to me and my brand because no matter what obstacles are placed in my way, I refuse to give up! Those obstacles allow me to learn from my experiences and help my brand succeed! Next, passion is VERY important to my success because it is what drives me to create new content and connect with my audience! I truly LOVE what I do and I want to share that with my audience! Read more>>

Swetha Tandri | Founder and Lead Director of Melodies for Math

The most important factor behind the success of my brand Melodies for Math is dedication. We have 66K followers on tiktok, but that only happened because I posted EVERY DAY in the summer, and currently as a college student. Adding onto dedication, my team and I also have a lot of perseverance. Even though we are high schoolers/college students, we make sure to get videos uploaded to YouTube at least once a week while engaging with our online community of 1000+ students. Read more>>

Kelsey Cherne | Owner and head trainer

I am a new business owner, the most important factor behind our success is having amazing team of trainers and a great support system at the franchise level. I believe one of the biggest reasons the McKinney location has done so great is because as the owner I follow the systems our Franchise has put in place. They have taken all of the guesswork out so you can enjoy running your business. Read more>>

Nikki James | President, CEO

This is simply! The success behind my brand is Jesus Christ. I stepped out on faith and believed the plan he had for my life. This was the best choice I have ever made in my life. Read more>>