Where you grew up and your background can often have surprising effects on our lives and careers. We’ve asked folks from the community to tell us about how their background has affected them.

Mollie Herrera | Owner & Coach

I grew up in Denton. I spent a lot of my teenage years near the square/downtown because of the local skating rink, Spinning Wheels. I started competitively speed skating at age 12. It required a lot of travel, time and training. Skating has impacted my life entirely and has brought me to be where I am today. I have always loved being active and i’ve always been into music, so combining the two made me fall in love with indoor cycling. When I started to entertain the idea of opening up my own fitness studio, I knew it had to be in Denton. Read more>>

Jerrel Sustaita | Artist/ painter

I was born in Dallas, Tx. I lived in Irving most of my childhood and spent alot of time playing outdoors. As the youngest of 5 children and a neighborhood full of kids my life was full of adventures. My dad was a musician all his life and from him I learned to love music and the happiness it brings to those who engaged it. Later I applied that love and effect to my own art. Read more>>

Aire The Fairy | CEO of ATF.CO

I’m from PG County Maryland, My background is pretty Rocky. Which is why I am so determined to be successful. My background helped me build the mindset I have today. Read more>>

Evin DeShawn | Creative Director/Fashion Stylist/Host

I am from Virginia Beach,Va and that’s something that I say with pride. It’s truly nothing like VA it’s not the country but, not fully the city life either. It’s like it’s own melting pot. Though, I did grow up with very humbled beginnings my mother and family celebrated my creativity. Which is very hard to do when you live in the hood and everyone has dreams to be a ball player or rapper. That didn’t fit me at all. I loved art, music, and fashion. Read more>>

Cari Daus | Family photographer

I was always brought up to pursue what I love and was encouraged by my parents to pursue a college education. At 18, I knew I wanted to stay close to my friends and family in West Texas and went to Texas Tech but I had no idea what I wanted my career to be. The only passion I had was photography and art so I went to college for Fine Arts in Photography. Once I graduated in 2009, I started working at a kids studio to learn more about posing and to see if I liked children and I DID but I knew I didn’t want to work under them forever. Read more>>

Stacy Hampel | Director of Marketing & Real Estate Agent

I am a Michigan Native – and I will always claim it as home. Being born and raised in town that contained less than 2,500 people; hard work, the willingness to help others and problem solving was my version of the foundation of success. I was raised around farmers who would work. sun up to sun down just to put food on the table. It wasn’t seen as a hobby, it was a second job. Still to this day, my brother continues the family tradition of farming. Read more>>