24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. Junior investment bankers regularly work 80-90 hours a week. Many other high profile professions require the same level of commitment. Often those on the outside claim that working 80-90 hours a week is bad/wrong/terrible/silly/etc but we’ve spoken with so many folks who say working that much has been the best decision of their life – it allowed them to develop a deep and strong skill set far faster than would have been possible otherwise. In other words, by working 2x the hours, they were able to generate 5x or more the rewards. And depending on where you are in your career, investing heavily in your skills and competence can pay dividends for a long time.

Vivek Patel | Father, Husband and Candy man

Achieving work-life balance as a small business owner is a complex dance. Just as passive income remains more of a concept than a reality, the focus required in entrepreneurship demands consistent effort day in and day out. While I hold the belief that balance can be attained in the long run, on a micro basis, one aspect often tugs more urgently than the other. Read more>>

John Morey | North Texas Devils & Physical Therapist

It absolutely has changed over time. As you grow both in your career and in life, what is asked of you changes. Work life balance seems much simpler when you’re in your mid 20s getting off work at 5:30 and going home to an apartment where you live by yourself. You have more free time to pick and can choose how you want to spend it, the balance is much easier to manage. When you get married, you have commitments to your wife and family that take precedent over everything else. Read more>>

Rosiane Maia | Model fashion influencer

I’ve noticed a shift in my life balance from my university days to the present. Nowadays, I carefully allocate my time between family, friends, travel, and my modeling pursuits. Read more>>

Sallie Duncan | Designer, Small Business Owner

Navigating work-life balance as a mother of four has been a journey that has evolved and changed through time. In the early years, my focus was on nurturing my children, especially my special needs daughter, whose care required unwavering attention. Now, with my older children more independent as they pursue college, the dynamics have shifted, but my sweet daughter, Katherine, is always present and eager to lend a helping hand. My husband is also super sweet and pitches in whenever he can even though he runs a business of his own. Read more>>

Lauren Netherland | Owner & Teacher at LaLa Lessons

In 2019, I was working a job where I was underpaid, overworked, and, as you can probably assume, stressed out! I hit a wall when, in May of 2019, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis on top of over a year of infertility (which, at 26, getting pregnant shouldn’t be a problem!). Right then and there, I decided I was done letting work and stress run my life! Four years later, after some big lifestyle changes including low-stress jobs, I finally became a mom in early 2023! Read more>> 

Lauren Carmen | Freelance Costume Designer & Ballet Dancer

Work life balance is a challenge! Especially in the performing arts sector, where often their work is your employers’ passion project, and work/your desire to set it down and be a human sometimes can be taken as a personal affront. When I was performing as a professional ballet dancer more, I was full-time with one company any given season, so could give my every-waking moment toward the job when needed. However, as a freelance costume designer now, at any given moment I tend to have around seven different projects that I’m costuming, usually all with different groups, so even if I wanted to I could not give each project around-the-clock love. Read more>>