Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Jamartae Jackson | Photographer

I chose this path because it’s true to my gifts. It feels like it’s the one thing that I can do all day without hesitation. It fuels me and allows me to be my whole self. When I am behind a camera, I am connected to everything around me, and the synergy you develop with people during this process is trust in its purest form. It is not forced, it’s more like two people being vulnerable and trusting each other to make something beautiful. It’s such a unique connection, and I take honor it that responsibility. Now that I’ve experienced this type of art, I couldn’t imagine life without it. Read more>>

Morgan Ashley | Texas Country Artist

I grew up loving listening to country radio! When i was in elementary/middle school I had a karaoke machine and my friends and I would put on concerts for my parents. I even wrote songs about my horses and cows! I was very involved with my 4-H and FFA chapters! I joke now that I basically traded in showing cattle and rodeoing for traveling around to play music! I did my local FFA Talent Show and just sang to background tracks. I sang ‘Famous in a Small Town’ by Miranda Lambert! Read more>>

DeZhané Jackson | Fashion Designer

I chose an artistic/creative career because it has always been something I was interested in. I was blessed to have many talents and gifts, so it was inevitable that I would end up pursuing an art career. As a kid, I was always drawing or doing some sort of creative activity. Eventually, during my creative path, it led me to fashion. Read more>>

Ast Ilandove | Candle Curator

Creating has always been an outlet for me, sort of a therapy or food for the soul I would say. So naturally I passed my love for art down to my daughter, Carmin 13, and her younger siblings. After leaving my corporate job during the pandemic, I knew my next job would need to be more flexible to meet the needs of my family and different because the world around me was changing fast. More people where finding creative ways to make money from uncommon skills. Read more>>

Kelsey Lundström | Esthetician and Artist

As an art major in college, I knew that a creative career was a path that I wanted for my life. But, I knew making it successfully as a mixed media artist would take some time. I branched out and found stability in marketing and sales. As I approached my mid twenties, I needed to make a change – I was too nice for sales and marketing just didn’t drive my passion. I came to a crossroads and decided that my life needed to somehow in help people in a creative way. But how? I considered teaching but it wasn’t until a friend of mine decided to apply to beauty school that Esthetics crossed my mind. Read more>>