Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Ebony Brown | Textile Artist

Hi, I’m the owner of Delire Accessories. The reason I pursed an artistic career is because there are no limits in art. Art gives me the freedom to create in so many different ways as well as a stage to express my ideals and beliefs as well. I was raised in the 90’s era and I can remember as a child always hearing teachers say “dare to be different”. I believed I could be, so I did. Once the COVID-19 pandemic began, I started designing fuzzy sandals to earn extra money. Unbeknown to me, within a years time I would expand my vision to designing luxurious customized feathered and bouquet celebration bottles for EVERY occasion. Read more>>

Mandar Kamalapurkar | Sound Designer & Storyteller

Art is what brings life to life, it makes life worth living! I was always fascinated by various fields of art, right from childhood. In school days I would participate in every cultural event, be it drama, dance, singing or storytelling. At our home, studies and cultural activities had equal importance. The atmosphere was conducive to arts, as both my parents and my elder sisters had an interest in music, literature, films etc. I was also good at studies and had a deep interest in science. I did my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Read more>>

Lorri Thomas | Tattoo Artist & Founder/Director of the “Ladies of Ink” Tour

I decided to pursue a creative career because it’s what has always has come naturally. I’ve attended college and trade school, studying corporate careers but the fulfillment I get from tattooing is one of a kind. I believe that God has a purpose for all of us and my purpose is to help people heal and express themselves through my art. Read more>>

Ofelia Flores | Balloon Creator

I have always had an artistic/creative bug. Since I was 6 my mother would sit me next to her as she sewed bridal gowns and I would sew my barbies dresses! Balloon decor came to me as part of my corporate job. I was part of the birthday committee so I started researching balloons and fell in love. I love seeing the colors of balloons play with or against each other. That’s how I realized balloons is a beautiful way to continue being artistic and loving what I do. It brings so much joy to other people its incredible to see clients faces when you show up with balloons that were created especially for them. Read more>>

Jeanette Johnson-Greenwood | CEO & Founder

As a child I always enjoyed writing poems, singing and dancing. I’d create neighborhood talent shows, inviting our neighborhood out to watch. I never would have believed I would be the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization that host a community of individuals willing to give back. I pursued an artistic career to fulfill a passion of mine and assist those that may not have the support they need to create. We have a tribe of creators that is excited about giving back to the entertainment community. Read more>>

McFarland Campbell | Tattoo Artist

Various kinds of art have always been apart of my life. My mother is a classically trained pianist and my father collects paintings, maps, books, sculptures, really anything he found interesting. Our home growing up was just about hoarded with art. So my family was supportive of my endeavors as long as I kept them as hobbies and focused on my schoolwork. They wanted me to be a psychiatrist, but obviously that didn’t stick. I held customer service jobs while I did illustrations at anime and comic book conventions on the side. Art is always the thing I swing back to, the constant, so when given the opportunity to make a career at it, I jumped. Read more>>

Anees Fatimah | Cake Artist

I always had a passion for art and creativity as far back as I can remember. When I was four and learning to write, I would draw detailed drawings of dresses on the side. My books would always be full of doodles and sketches. I was always drawn to artwork regardless of what form it took – painting, sculpting, paper quilling etc. As a teenager, I spent quite a lot of my free time behind an easel. Later I took up crochet as a hobby. I made socks, mittens and hats for my firstborn. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a unique style of art showcased alongside cakes and desserts. I was mesmerized and drawn towards it. It was around the same time when I had started taking an interest in baking cakes for family gatherings and other occasions. It opened my eyes to a whole new style of technique that was challenging yet very rewarding to accomplish. I started pursuing it and let it feed into my in-home cake business. Read more>>

Radharani Torres | Visual Artist

Since I was a little girl I watched my dad paint and felt that this was the normal way of life, having a job that paid the bills while you dedicated yourself to what really fed your soul Read more>>

Sharon Capps | Boudoir Photographer

When I first enrolled for college, we had to take a career personality test that was created to help guide us into to choosing a degree. My test results were as follows: option 1 – Bartender. Option 2 – Photographer. Now at the time, I was of course frustrated because first, why is bartender an option for choosing a degree? And secondly, I had zero interest in anything photography related. Fast forward a few semesters. I am a huge procrastinator (bad for business I know), and I waited until the last minute to enroll for my classes. Read more>>