We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Ragne Smith | Master Upholsterer & Furniture Artist

Happiness is an interesting concept! What is happiness? What makes one happy? I have been happily married, I have beautiful children, a great job, by all parameters: I am happy. It took me years to understand, the deeper meaning of being happy. After years of trying to fit in, I realized: I’m not pizza, not everyone likes me! That freedom of finding yourself and being content with who you are makes me happy. So now, I can officially say. It makes me happy to be me, to be an artist, to be a wife-mother. Having found the true meaning of my own happiness, I can finally enjoy silly little things that make me happy: Bold and bright colors, the smell after the rain, helping a fellow man, dancing in the grocery store aisle. Little things in life make me happy. Sounds like a hippie thing, right? If it makes you happy, go for it!. Read more>>

E-Sharpe | Music Producer / Engineer

It’s simple, Family! My family, makes me happy, and being able to learn, grow, observe, and teach and others. Even in the music industry, when I meet people it’s just relationships. That’s why I do what I do because I want to spend time with the people I love most. Life is about friends, and loved ones. Even business associates make me happy, especially the people that have remained loyal since day one. Read more>>

Sierra Cobbs | Professional Cosmetologist

What makes me happy is knowing when I wake up and my feet hit the floor, I have another opportunity to make a difference in my life or someone else’s life! I also get happy by not know what each day may bring because there’s always a chance that I can help someone else get to their next level. That’s what I am to do!. Read more>>

Kathleen House | Visual Artist and Storyteller

Lots of things make me happy. Interacting with all kinds of people, discussing ideas with them, listening to their life stories and helping others be motivated and positive All my life I have enjoyed being outside. Creating in so many ways has given me happiness. Read more>>

Shakayla Coats | Fashion Stylist and Closet Organizer

If I have to pick one word that makes me happy, it would be family. When I think of that word, it automatically brings a smile to my face. Everyone who knows me, know how special they are in my life collectively and individually. I am who I am simply because of who they are. Through my family, I have learned how to sustain long term friendships, how to love with no boundaries, how to become my own boss, and a lifetime of life lessons and values. Read more>>