One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Valerie Jimenez | Founder and CEO of Bold Entity

As a marketing agency, our job at Bold Entity is to help businesses grow, and we’ve always taken this responsibility very seriously. Far more, we’ve deliberately chosen to focus on helping the private sector, small to mid-size. This is why: Small to mid-size businesses in the US create two-thirds of the jobs in the US They account for 44 percent of US economic activity (according to the SBA) Small to mid-size businesses are also the driving force behind both job growth and job loss. One of the top reasons identified by most experts of why this sector fails is marketing – either a lack of strategy, inability to measure impact or results, or the inability to continue to reach new markets to keep growing. The SMB sector poises to have the most impact on our economy. If we continue to pour our hearts and professional expertise into helping this sector achieve scalability and growth, these companies will continue to create new jobs. Read more>>

Monique Jeter-Abraham | Doula, Herbalist, & Yoni Steam Facilitator

Women should feel empowered but many don’t. We don’t know how to compliment or accept compliments because often we don’t feel deserving. My business help the community by my team and I setting the example of unity, love, respect, and support. Read more>>

Antonio Paden | Upick Mobile Oil Owner

Our business is literally based on making sure people have time to do the things that they actually like doing. That’s why we have created a systematic oil change that allows our customers to get an oil change just about anywhere it’s allowed. Let’s be honest, how many people actually like going to an oil shop to get an oil change. You sit there for an hour and then your hassled about everything else that’s wrong with your car. With us you could be sitting at home with a glass of wine, while getting your oil changed. No shop and no hassling. We save you time and money. Read more>>

Tiffani Martin | CEO of JancynCo & VisioTech is focused on the technological advancements of persons with disabilities. This community, which is dear and near to our hearts, has the opportunity to not only meet the expectations of society in such fields like education and the workforce but can thrive when simply given access. Through innovations and collaborations we can build a tomorrow where different abilities are seen as stepping stones and not obstacles. We are currently developing VisioTechU a learning system that integrates wearable technology with a STEM curriculum dedicated to grade school children with visual impairments. Read more>>

Lyndsey Harper, MD | Board Certified Ob/Gyn and Founder/CEO of Rosy Wellness

Rosy was founded for the 43% of women in the world who have a sexual problem, but nowhere to turn for help. In the last two years since we launched, we have amassed a network of more than 3300 doctors and therapists who now recommend Rosy to their patients who need help. We are a private, convenient mobile app that meets women where they are in their busy days to help with any sexual problem in a safe and inviting way. Rosy aims to erase sexual shame and embarrassment and help give women the full life they deserve. Our platform delivers evidence-based education, expert created self-help classes, a safe community of women experiencing the same issues, a library of erotica, and connection to doctors and therapists who specialize in women’s sexual health. We are an approachable end-to-end solution for the millions of women in the US who need access to these resources. Read more>>