If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Anayah | Your Local Rug Lady

This was a actually the determining factor for me to continue by business or not. I started it as a fun side thing because I love designing and decorating and my house was starting to get a little cramped with all the rugs I was hoarding lol. So one day I started staging the rugs to show how to use them with diff decor and someone asked to buy it! But after six months I asked myself do I want to invest and make this a business? I thought about what makes me smile and I realized no matter how tired I am, I get excited to open a new rug, to see the colors in real life, I love playing matchmaker rug to new home etc. So I said yep I’m all in and officially became a rug lady. Read more>>

Niesha Johnson | Christian Counselor & Author

It comes down to knowing & understanding the “why” behind what you’re doing. That “why” is what’s going to drive you even when the success, clients, money are coming slower than you anticipated. You may alter the road or steps necessary for reaching the goal, but you never quit; especially not on yourself. Also, the Perspective that you have towards your setbacks is what will help to launch you forward on the comeback. You are worthy of your desires & once you switch your perspective towards what it is that you’re doing, you’ll begin to see new results. Read more>>

Bw | Artist, Audio Engineer, and Producer

You know, when you have a passion for something, you really can’t ever give up, even if you try to. That passion will always drive you to come back to it. I have wondered about giving up on music a few times, but somehow it always pulls me back in. I think you’ll know it’s time to give up when your body tells you, just as it tells you it isn’t. Read more>>

Jourdain Quijas | Portrait Photographer

I lost my way creatively for a while and I came to a point in my career where I was seriously debating giving up. Despite the external validation, internally I was at war with comparison and devaluing my work. If it wasn’t for the persistent aching in my heart I might’ve put my camera down all together. Internally there was an innate desire to create and I wanted to reconnect with what made me feel centered when I am creating. So I made the choice to take the pressure off of myself to achieve success through someone else’s eyes and took a temporary hiatus to connect with myself. In this time, I learned that it is more than okay to shift courses, that giving up doesn’t make me worthless and instead it gave me the power to say no to what is not serving me. I am empowered now that I gave up my idea of what my career was supposed to look like and now embrace the uncertainty of the details as I press forward. Because when I am operating from my authentic self I can be the person I was made to be, and that person is not finished yet. Read more>>