If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Amanda Novak | Fabric Artist

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or discouraged with my business, I try to think of the bigger picture and how much joy my work brings my customers and in turn, how happy I am when a customer loves their purchase. As cliché as it may seem, if you can’t find any joy in what you’re doing, moving on might be a better use of your energy. Giving up really isn’t in my nature, so I usually try to find a way to get through a road block instead of being held up by it. Read more>>

Jeremy Jones | Freelance Graphic Designer

As long as you’re learning something new every day, thats the best reason to keep going. Read more>>

Nika Atkins | Nonprofit Consultant & Coach | Award Winning Black Girl in Tech | Epic Principal Trainer | Founder/ Executive Director

You know to keep going when everything in your being says you are too scared, too inexperienced or just not good enough. That’s when you know to keep going! And you never give up, you may have to adjust, restart or pivot. But you never give up!. Read more>>

Kariss Lynch | Author, Content Creator, Freelancer

Many times over the years (and often multiple times in one day), I have contemplated what it would look like to give up writing books. The process is challenging! To write a well crafted book requires an original idea, strategy, character building (which requires knowing and understanding personalities and and natural bents of people in different circumstances), editing, marketing, a lot of vulnerability, and so much more. Most importantly, it requires time and pieces of yourself spilled onto the pages. It would be so much easier to give up, to say yes to dinners and rest and a little more simplicity. But then I think through what I would actually be giving up. I would be giving up the opportunity to create in a way that allows people to step into a different world. I would be giving up connection with readers all over the world. I would be giving up utilizing God-given dreams and talents. Only I can write the stories on my mind and heart. And so I press on. I figure out how to make this journey work for me, my family, my energy levels, and my schedule. And I keep going. Read more>>

Diana Padron | Sales Person

There are too many factors that influence whether to keep going or to give up, I personally think there are a couple question to consider before taking a decision, such as: Is this taking you closer to reach your goal? Is this situation giving you mental health? Are you proud of what you are doing? Are you happy with it ? If the answer of one of this questions is no, then I think you should consider giving up and try something else that answers “yes” to all of those questions. There are some factors such as time that is not worth to lose doing something that doesn’t makes you happy, I think life is too beautiful to do stuff just because we supposed to do but no because we want to do. Is really important for a person to success in life to follow their instinct, once you know yourself and you know what you like or what you are good at it is easy to begin a process that can take you to where you want to be. Read more>>

Nikitha Pogue | Entrepreneur,Mother, Prophetess, Massage Therapist & Model

My passion for helping others and serving is the foundation of my life. One of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced in life is knowing whether to give up or go harder. I’ve learned that your passion is also connected to your purpose so Giving up is NEVER an option. “Perseverance is seeing your hard work pay off after you thought there’s No Way.” Life can be difficult at times especially when you face setback after setback and endless problems make it very hard to stay optimistic and continue to show the resilience you once had. Life’s what we perceive it to be Good or Bad. All that we experience in life is the direct reflection of the energy we feed into. All the things we do, see, overcome or survive will only have significant meaning if we allow it. We are what we repeatedly do, so we must set dedicated times to work on our visions & goals.To live is to be capable of creating change. Read more>>

Lauren Lewis | Lifestyle Model

Giving up is never an option. When you find yourself at a point where nothing is working for you and you’re at a stand still, use that time to take a break and come up with an new approach. Sometimes our approach isn’t the correct one, so we need to pause so we can brainstorm and come up with a plan b. Sometimes you are closer to reaching your goal then you think, usually right when you are ready to throw in the towel. This is usually a test and a sign for you to know to keep pushing, you’re almost there. Read more>>

Ariana Sky | Paralegal

Living with a chronic illness, such as Type 1 Diabetes, has its highs and its lows. Some days it’s easy to want to give up. The feeling of being discouraged by seeing your blood sugar struggle to settle down or feeling like nobody understands you, can be extremely difficult. But then I take a minute to reflect and remember all that I do have and am grateful for. I realize that I have the best support system, my parents. It makes me keep going, keep pushing forward, keep fighting. Although I live with Type 1 Diabetes, I will won’t let it stand in my way and make me give up. Read more>>