Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Claudia Pineda | Owner of Artesanias Claudia

“No importa que tan dificil sea la vida…nunca dejes de sonreir y creer en ti mismo…todo tiene solucion excepto la muerte.” No matter how difficult life gets, never stop smiling or believing in yourself. Everything has a solution except death. You can go through a lot of things that are difficult and lose a lot. Cry what you need to cry about, but get up and try again with a smile and the strength of continuing on. Read more>>

Tracy Cass | Author and Podcaster

My mother and my grandmother taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I have held on to this belief all of my life, and it has allowed me to accomplish great things. If I have a dream or a goal, I develop a plan and grind until I achieve it. It is this type of determination that has allowed me to write two novels, Labor of Love and All That Matters. Read more>>

Clint Simpson | Entrepreneur; Partner with Concentric Group

Hands down my favorite quote concerning my career is “Doing good is good for business”. It’s literally waving above my head in my office as we speak! And while I can talk about how the analytics and studies back up that statement I can better prove the point with my life through relationships, opportunities, and the lessons learned. When your primary goal is to make much of the person next to you, somewhere in the inner workings of that journey, you find yourself the one who is blessed and the person who has gained so much. It seems counter-intuitive, but in my journeys, it has turned out to be the only pathway to great joy and fulfillment in the workplace. And isn’t that what we’re all seeking? Read more>>

Keyshaun Thomas | Loctician

“I am in charge of my life” Read more>>