Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Porchia Jefferson | PMU Eyebrow Specialist

The story starts when I was in middle school. I use to watch my mother arch eyebrows. She was so good at enhancing herself and friends. So one day I asked her could she do my eyebrows and she did . I had a nice set of brows done by my mother. I can recall my cousin wanting her brows done by my mother too, which was pretty cool. So in 2017 I heard about Microblading, I was so stoked that there was a technique out for fuller looking eyebrows because I was so over the nail shops thinning my eyebrows and taking too much off my tails. After experiencing these problems I took the extra mile to learn a technique that could help others like myself with thin brows. After telling a few friends and family members about this technique I decided to make a step towards learning how Micro blade brows. In 2020 that’s when I finally made the jump. I took a 2 day course by an Australian instructor. After learning her way in this new found industry, I came to realization that I didn’t like Microblading, lol funny I know. Then came along Microshading. Read more>>

Chelli | Writer

What started as self-discovery became the power create transformation in life. Art is a true mirror into the mind: The lens of creativity is not only what I see, but what I help others see. Creativity gives the opportunity to express things we couldn’t say any other way. My soul wouldn’t allow me to settle for anything less. Read more>>

Ryan Harris | Owner, Artist, Father & Husband To The Two Most Beautiful Girls!

Ever since I was little, you could catch me with a pen or pencil in my hand drawing and designing something. I have won many art awards as well as having my art displayed in the state capital when I was younger, so keeping our business in the design world was just an easy fit and something that I truly enjoy. My wife Cooper is an amazing artist as well, so having her run this business with me has been a blessing in more ways than one. Read more>>

Sarah Mae Hess | Photographer, ESL Instructor, and Homemaker

I believe we all have an inner desire to create. How and what we create can differ for each individual. At times that urge to create can express itself within our own homes (home decor, how/what we put into our wardrobes, or our food, etc), but sometimes we have to go outside our homes to let the full breath of that creativity out. At least that’s why I decided to pursue photography more fully. Read more>>

Marla Acevedo | Actress, Singer, Dancer

I’ve always been attracted to the arts. Although I never did any acting until college, I grew up loving and being pulled into anything artistic in various different ways. Art was my favorite class growing up. I took piano lessons at a young age. I was in the church choir early on. Throughout my childhood I mainly focused on dance and sports but as I got older and it was time to “pick a career,” I simply had to go with my passion and what felt right to me. I knew I would be out of my element if I was to pursue anything else and following a career path I wasn’t passionate about was never a way I wanted my time to be spent. I pursued acting because I simply had to, nothing else would suffice. Read more>>