Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Andi Slaby | Photographer & Recreational Therapist

I have always been most comfortable in the non-traditional paths in life. I have often chosen more of an experimental path in life based on my gut feelings and a strong desire to experience a particular adventure, event, or opportunity. Part of this desire is knowing that I may not know the outcome, but I do know without a doubt I will learn, grow, change, and meet amazing people along the way. Risk is a perspective and different for everyone. Read more>>

Merix Gooden | Cinematographer and Creative Director

Risk has made me. From taking the risk of purchasing a camera to the risk of me moving to Dallas from Louisiana. Taking risks has put me in a lot of uncomfortable situations but all of them made me grow and adapt. I took a risk two years ago to go freelance full-time after being let go from J.P Morgan Chase. Those risks and uncomfortable situations became the framework and foundation of what I am and do now. So I’d say risk has played a very important role in my life. Read more>>

Devante Sanders | The Barber Plug Supply CO, CEO

Many of us are far too familiar with the old saying “without risk there is no reward”. While deciding to take the leap of faith into full time self-employment I often times recited encouraging proverbs on risks. Prior to taking my leap of faith I was generally a very risk perverse individual. I enjoyed a calculated career path in accounting that would provide steady annual incremental raises with little to no financial stress. Being a father and husband financial security is very important and accounting provided the safety that we desired. Although we were safe and secure, no risks were being taken to propel our dreams of financial freedom into reality. Read more>>

Isabel Wallace-Green | Dancer, Performer, Arts Educator

As a professional dancer, I understand that risk taking is an essential and nonnegotiable element for success. Risk exists all around us and is commonplace in our workspaces. Sure, we physically risk to our health and bodies daily through constant, extreme movement that fills our long rehearsal days. After all, our art form requires the strength and stamina of any professional athlete plus immense flexibility. But for me, the bigger risks as a dancer occur beyond the physicality of our bodies. It is a risk to simply show up. Read more>>

Miguel Cepeda | Realtor with Rogers Healy and Associates

Without risk there’s no reward. One of the biggest risks I’ve taken in my life was getting into real estate. It’s uncomfortable. The uncertainty of being able to make a living, the constant rejections, the social anxiety… it’s not easy. Not to mention knowing that as a realtor, I no longer depended on a 9-5 paycheck. It’s scary taking such a huge leap of faith at 23 years old. One thing I had to learn early on is that success doesn’t grow in comfort. Read more>>

Taylor Cleveland | Artist & Creative Director

I think about risk as a judgement meter to determine if something is worth doing. I think that taking risks is crucial to success, and nothing worth doing comes risk-free, especially creatively. Risks are something that come up in my life pretty frequently – from investing in crypto to moving across the country for work. Even in my art practice I’ve taken huge risks, like dying on social media, or being on “reality” TV. Overall, I think the risks I take direct and define who I am and where I go. Read more>>

Maria Williams | Content Creator

We take risk every day doing common things. Walking from the store to even sleeping in your bed at night. Common risks could be life or death for poc’s in this country. There is not a day that I live, rather I leave my house or not, that I don’t take a risk. Being born into a society with were “profits over people” is the motto, smart risk-taking is a survival skill. I dared to be more than what was expected of me. I served my country honorably, educated myself, started a business and still found time to go to therapy. I learned NOT to be afraid of risk because we take them unknowingly every day. Life isn’t promised but it is meant to be lived. And if I’m going to take a risk, it’s going to be a risk that makes me soul dance! Read more>>

Victoria Pelletier | Corporate Executive and Public Speaker

Taking risks is a big part of the reason I accelerated in my career as early and as often as I have. I have left “comfortable” or more secure roles to take a risk with a new role and/or company because it offered either a more progressive role or a stepping stone to the next step in my progressive professional journey. Read more>>